The hype and the excitement for the movie was so piqued and real that I travelled almost 200kms all the way to Kolkata from my hometown because the later didn’t have any screenings of the movie (unbelievable, right?) but man, it was worth my every penny, time and energy!

Diana Prince. Image Credits – Warner Bros.


So now, the movie starts with the present day Diana Prince who gets a couriered photograph from Bruce Wayne. The photograph takes her down the nostalgia road to the beautiful and picturesque Themyscira, where Diana was born and raised. Strong and fierce amazons habituate the island unknown to mankind, carefully hidden from the rest of the world by Greek god Zeus. As Diana mentions, it’s their sacred duty to protect the world, so we see women training everywhere under General Antiope. Everything looks good and engaging till now but I just wish Gal had a better entry, though. The queen of Themyscira , Hippolyta and the mother of Diana is extremely loving and over protective of her child and still lives in denial about the return of Ares, the god of war. Diana trains under her aunt Antiope but in secret. Robin Wright delivers a commanding performance within the short amount of screen time she was provided with. She’s super  intense and powerful. Now, let’s talk about the most inspiring and empowering scenes of all times where we witness the amazons defending their land from some invading German soldiers. It took the world 75 years to create and bring something as powerful and unique as that scene. All the amazons are actually played by strong female athletes in real life and that’s what makes it so special. The women are able to kill off all the men but the fight convinces Diana that her brother Ares has returned.  The young woman prepares to leave with an American spy, Steve Trevor who she had once saved from drowning. She believes her brother, Ares is behind the world war and stopping him will bring peace to the world.

Image Credits – Warner Bros./ DC Comics


Steve brings Diana to London where she is introduced to ice-cream, appropriate women’s apparel and etiquettes. Diana takes time to blend in and this gives the director ample chance to bring a few funny and light moments into the movie. There is this scene where Diana saves Steve from some disguised, crooked German goons, which is a clearly a tribute to the 1978 Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve. Pretty cool, right? Meanwhile, Steve takes a notebook which he had earlier stolen from the German scientist Dr. Maru and hands it to his senior Sir Patrick Morgan who is planning a negotiation of armistice with Germany. They decode the notebook with the help of Diana and learn that Dr.Maru with the aid of General Ludendorff plans on releasing a deadly gas at the warfront. Morgan shows sympathy, secretly agreeing to help Steve and provides him with some money. Steve and Diana form a team with few of Steve’s associates and they move towards Belgium. The movie loses it pace and starts to lag here and there.

Image Credits – Warner Bros.

Diana and her mates become local heroes where she breaks in to No-man’s land and they are able to free a village. Steve and Diana bond later in the evening and share a passionate kiss and spend the night together.  Later we come to know that there is a gala held by Germans to celebrate their supposed victory and Diana comes to believe that Ludendorff himself is Ares and goes after him. She engages in a fight with the General eventually killing him but the war does not stop.

Ludendorff . Image Credits – Warner Bros.

The climax is pretty obvious and Ares had disguised himself as Morgan all this while. Diana tries to kill him with the sword, but Ares destroys it and tells Diana that she is the real Godkiller. Meanwhile Steve’s team destroys Maru’s lab and fight the Germans and Steve sacrifices himself trying to detonate a bomb. Ares tries to misuse Diana’s anger and rage but inspired by Steve’s love and ultimate sacrifice, Diana finds the strength within herself and kills Ares which finally leads to the end of the war. And the world finally gets the Wonder Woman it actually deserves.

Ares. Image Credits – Warner Bros.


Gal Gadot and Chris Pine deliver top notch performances. I’ve always been a fan of David Thewlis (who plays Ares) but they should’ve found somebody better suited for such a role. I’m tired of Danny Huston(who plays General Ludendorff) being constantly typecast in villainous roles. Patty Jenkins has given us one of the best movies of the DCEU (not at all underwhelming and the strong nod to feminism) so far and I hope the sequel will be as good as it’s predecessor. I had a huge smile on my face while I came out of the movies and if it were possible I’d watch it at the theatres again.  The super heroine has come a long way (earliest comic books included a lot of bondage which was later toned down) and I hope she continues to inspire young girls (and boys!) with her patriotism, love, strength and bravery.


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