1. What is your name and age?

Romi Mondal. 22years.

2. Stage name if any?

Well, I am only using instagram now. I call myself “Romtz” now.

3. Are you professionally a cosplayer? If not, what you do?

No. I am a doctor by profession.

4. How long have you been cosplaying?

I have been cosplaying for the past one year.

5. What was your inspiration for cosplay?

Inspiration from great cosplayer Rheality Lapse and for the event Kolkata comic carnival.


6. How do you think the cosplay scene in India has changed over the years?

In India, cosplay has become much more popular in last 2-3 years. Now, a lot of people do understand what cosplay is and respect cosplayers as artists. Though, scenario is limited to big cities only. But, comic cons and different cosplay events are taking place in all over India.


7. How different are Indian Cosplayers from Foreign Cosplayers? Are they given the same amount of respect?

Basically, the difference is different countries. But as experience matters and as they started almost a decade ago, they really are good; where we have to work hard to catch up. And sometimes, the availability of some prop materials do matter as well, which are not available in India. And about social media reach,most of the Indian cosplayers have various social media accounts. Even some cosplayers are making you tube videos, streaming , making patreon accounts. So, we are growing.

8. What are the difficulties and challenges you face as a cosplayer?

The most difficult thing was money at “first”. But right now, it is “time”.As I prefer to make my own cosplay clothing and props, Time is a factor now.And the challenge is to maintain both passion and profession. People discouraged me a lot. But,some good friends did stay and helped me to overcome all the negativities. Now, I challenge myself to make me a “Cosplayer” from an “Aspiring Cosplayer”.

9. Being a woman have you ever been discouraged from cosplaying by family or friends?

Yes, I have been discouraged a lot, both as because I’m a female person and I have another profession. Family didn’t support at first. But my mom understood and accepted me and also taught me cosplay clothing pattern making.

10. What are the suggestions for budding cosplayers in India? Can cosplaying be taken as serious career choice?

My suggestions are –
a. To believe
b. To work hard
c. To exercise and maintain good health
d. To study a lot

Last, but not the least, it can be taken as a serious career choice. But, just like the other professions, you really really have to work hard with patience and have to find a good way to showcase your talent.

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