1.       What is your name and age?

 Rohan Ramakrishina, and I’m 22 years old

2.       Stage name, if any?

 No stage name as of now, I might consider using my instagram handle (Darkxlight) in the future.

3.       Are you professionally a cosplayer? If not, what do you do?

Nope, not a professional cosplayer(yet). I’m currently snowballing my way through to a Bachelor’s Degree In Architecture.

4.       How long have you been cosplaying?

Nearly 4 and a half years now since I started. Started off with a very amateur version of a Grey Fullbuster cosplay.

5.       What was your inspiration for cosplay?

Just the immense amount of joy it gives you and everyone around who get to see their fictional game and anime characters come to life. As an aspiring game designer, the fact that some one can give life to another’s creation, is an art form that could possibly be the closest to real magic.( debatable)

6.       How do you think the cosplay scene in India has changed over the years?

Very drastically, the Indian cosplay scene has witnessed a huge change over the last say, 6 years both in terms of quantity and quality, which in turn has made raw material more easily available to everyone. Obtaining raw material was a pain when I started out. Event wise too, There have been a huge number of gaming and cartoon-anime conventions that keep coming up, some hire cosplayers to work on promoting and hyping up the event. So if you have a good rep in your town or know the right people, cosplay could help you make a buck or two.

7.       How different are Indian Cosplayers from Foreign Cosplayers? Are they given the same amount of respect?

Perhaps the major difference speaking quality wise is that due to lack of exposure to materials, or materials being too expensive, Indian cosplayers aren’t exposed to a large variety of prop materials and other prop making means (3D printing) which give the cosplayers from other countries an upper hand at times.

Money is an issue with most of us here because more than half of the cosplayers are students and we don’t have too many money making options or even the time, thanks to our education system.

that being said, Indian cosplay isn’t light years away from the other countries, I’d say we are catching up real quick and soon enough we will have the world audience witness some mind blowing pieces.

8.       What are the difficulties and challenges you face as a cosplayer?

In my opinion the only problems we seem to face are the lack of a green room at some events, security is sometimes and issue too, more for women, despite having signs like cosplay isn’t consent, there are incidents that occur all the time.

Trivial problems maybe only with transportation, more while flying, the baggage staff don’t give enough attention to delicate prop materials that are marked as fragile goods.

9.       Being a man, have you ever been discouraged from cosplaying by family or friends?

At the beginning yes all the time, but their discouragement was more on the playful lines, not too negative, after my first win that reduced and turned into support from their end.

Now there’s not a single soul in my social circle who doesn’t know about me being a cosplayer.


10.   What are your suggestions for budding cosplayers in India? Can cosplaying be taken as a serious career choice?

Suggestion would be to start easy and get into complex characters, because as nice as it may seem, the learning curve is pretty steep, also you might go over budget. As far as character selection goes, don’t always go for the super popular heroes, there’s a tonne of villains who are equally popular and picked less, something unexpected is always a show stealer.

Right now the cosplay scene isn’t very green, there is money involved, but not enough and not that constant that one could build a career out of, it’s hard but not impossible.

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