What is it to be a hero? Look in the mirror, and you’ll know.


Daredevil, the TV series means something much more to me other than a show for easy entertainment. It’s a sentiment, a journey. It makes me feel good when I’m miserable. Lifts my hopes up when I’m depressed. Each time when that background title/music plays, I get goose bumps and positive vibes are guaranteed in the darkest of days. It’s always nice to relate to someone or something. Now, you dear readers may think I’m exaggerating for sure. Well, give me a chance to explain myself and as a bonus point for bearing with me, I’ll mention a few of my theories I have had while I binge watched the episodes again for the umpteenth time.

Coming to the first season, they take the first few episodes to make us relate and get acquainted with Matt Murdock. There’s something very compelling about the character that makes me love it with a deep and sincere passion. I relate to the struggles, the vulnerability and the love for his city. Hell’s kitchen is where he grew up, it’s his backyard, his guardian that took care of him, after his father passed. Matthew is our super orthodox catholic boy who lives next door, going through a rough patch. Much like him, I was an introvert kid growing up. Reality has always been tough for me, full of hurdles and challenges. Naturally, comic books and superheroes tended to be a comfort, an escape from the cruel, bullying world. This series is the perfect mix of what we could be and what we are in real life. After all, we all want to believe that we need a savior, right? Somebody who’ll rescue us from this wretched life, someone who’ll change things for good? I remember being a teen, all I wanted to do was to save this world, make it a better place to live in so that no one experiences the things I’ve. I wanted to be the selfless, noble one before reality and puberty kicked in and burst the bubble. But hey, Matt could do it! And that’s why I admire him, that’s why he’s my role model. What I couldn’t do, he does it.

Successfully, night after night. Of course, he doesn’t get away with it, without a scratch on his body but he manages to save the day. His senses were heightened when he lost his sight as a kid while saving an old man on the street. He has a day job where he fights for justice as a lawyer and masquerades as a vigilante at night. Matt does not believe in killing men, not even the bad ones. His faith on the law is ultimate and he doesn’t hesitate fighting for the good and innocent (even if he doesn’t get paid enough for it!). His long time friend and law partner Foggy is fiercely loyal and caring. I know he’s meant to be just a sidekick but he proves himself to be so much more. He’s a witty lawyer and a good human being but seriously under-rated. The first season concludes with the reign of the overlord of criminal world, Wilson Fisk coming to a temporary end.

Speaking of Mr. Fisk, this interpretation is poles apart from the live action character we got from the Daredevil movie back in 2003. No doubt Michael Duncan did a phenomenal job (I watched the director’s cut) but Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal feels more authentic. His vulnerability, scares and dark past make him a real man with different traits and many aspects. Similarly, I believe in real life, a person cannot be either all black or white. There are just various shades of grey. Remember the scene where he mourns his secretary and best friend James Wesley’s death? This is where I think, the director of this show triumphs. This is much more than a superhero show. It’s a reflection of our reality, our ever deteriorating society. This is where it sets itself apart from everything else out there and becomes unique. Another character I highly appreciate and look up to is Karen Page. She is a charming, gorgeous woman with a mysterious past who is highly drawn to danger and enjoys it to some extent. She is one hell of a hardworking and stubborn woman who won’t rest until she finds out the truth and fear certainly never stops her.

There are a few interesting easter eggs I found about Karen.
She has a very questionable past as discovered by Ben Urich , the reporter. There are at least two mentions of it during the first season (if we follow the comic books, she might be a porn star, who knows!).

Then another mystery still left to be undone is what happened to Matt’s mother? Before Jack( Matt’s father) stepped in to his last match he calls a woman whom he requests to take care of Matt if something were to happen to him. Even Stick mentions the woman but we don’t get to hear anything more. Why, do you wonder? Season 3 better have our answers!

Speaking of which, season 2 becomes darker and twisting with more violent content introducing Frank Castle’s journey as The Punisher. We learn about Karen’s younger brother’s odd death and how Fisk engages in the long game of becoming the one and only Kingpin. This origin story was refreshing and stirring at the same time. There’s this one scene where Mathew visits Fisk in prison and while trying to extract information from him, ends up blackmailing the guy about his fiancée, Vanessa instead. Fisk is furious and all hell breaks loose as he assaults Matt in front of the prison guards. The helplessness that I witnessed on our attorney’s face is beyond words and his expression was stupefying. Undoubtedly, one of the best scenes ever, in history, hands down.

Elektra is introduced as Matt’s love interest (their chemistry is electrifying, see what I did there? ) who is somehow intriguing, attractive and repulsive at the same time. She knows she is the Black Sky but withholds it from Matt.

Elektra’s naivety is the perfect yin to Matt’s yang, his restrictions. And about Stick, he might not be Matthew’s father, but boy, he’s definitely his daddy!
Anyhoo, the live action hero has come a long way from the poorly presented VFX scenes and the cartoonish Bullseye to what it is now. The well thought out action scenes are definitely one of the strong points of the show. Hopefully, Charlie Cox and team keep us at the edge of our seats for much longer. Can’t wait for The Defenders!

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  1. A good write up indeed. No wonder he’s our favourite Marvel Netflix character.
    Expecting a JJ post too. Keep it up!

  2. Spectacular and jaw dropping story ever written ! Keep writing these kind of ravishing stories,way to go !

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