1.What is your name and age?

Gaurav Thakur / 27

2.Stage name, if any?

Indian Spidey / Iron Wolf / Sexy Ass

3.Are you professionally a cosplayer? If not, what do you do?

I am a professional Graphic Designer. I started Cosplay as an hobby but now it’s been  4 years of doing so, and my name is in the Professional Cosplayers list.

4.How long have you been cosplaying?

Since 2013

5.What was your inspiration for cosplay?

One and only Spiderman.


6.How do you think the cosplay scene in India has changed over the years?

It’s still growing, please still adapting the culture. But, sadly 45%-50% people understand the term Cosplay. Most people think it’s a party like a Halloween where we dress like anything.

7.How different are Indian Cosplayers from Foreign Cosplayers? Are they given the same amount of respect?

There is lots of difference in India and Foreign culture. Getting respect in India is tough, if your cosplay is awesome and they know about the character. They will come to you and appraise, if not they will laugh at you and pass stupid comments. Foreign; I feel they are open with their cultures, they will respect everybody work.

8.What are the difficulties and challenges you face as a cosplayer?

Many; pushing to groping. People will treat you like a toy, they just want to click pictures, and they don’t care about how the other person is feeling of if he/she feeling tired. No changing rooms or resting places in Cosplay events, have to take care of belonging/money/bag etc. Sometimes it’s really hard to say No to people and roam around after paying for your own ticket.

9.Being a man, have you ever been discouraged from cosplaying by family or friends?

There is no discouragement from my family, I belong to lower middle class familiarly. Understanding these kind of stuff is difficult for our parents. They just know Spiderman what i did, later on when they saw my interviews/pictures in Newspapers. Slowly and steadily they understand that what exactly I am doing.

10.What are your suggestions for budding cosplayers in India? Can cosplaying be taken as a serious career choice?

Do cosplay to make other feel happy and to make any fan to live his/her dream. When a small kid is looking to you with a hope, respect that. Don’t talk bad words or abuse anyone, respect the name of the character. It will take only a second to say the person with xyz cosplay is very bad.

Taking Cosplay as a career; still a grey area. Still very less platforms, and no one to sponsor you for all the stuff. Making and cosplay and developing needs money. Start as an hobby, when you feel you have contacts or right platforms go for it. India is still developing, but in Abroad competition is on top. So go slow!!!


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