“The Noob Knows” (TNK) brings to you the latest news and trivia from the world on-screen, comic books, manga and anime. TNK creates a platform for all the geeks and nerds out there who wish to let their hearts out on their favorite fandoms and be heard, not judged.

TNK launched as a fandom discussion Facebook page and shifted to its own website where you have both a forum for audience engagement on several topics.

We have all been labelled as nerds sometime in our lives when we might have stumbled over a Game of Thrones tee and had to explain a friend why Tyrion Lannister “drinks and knows things” or why the first day first show of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them mattered so much to a Harry Potter fan even when the exams were round the corner. Uniting DC-Marvel multiverses, anime, Western television series and popular movie franchises, TNK provides you with a forum to engage in passionate fandom discussion where you can get reviews, behind the scene stories and latest updates from the world on-screen. You can initiate a conversation or question a fellow participant or answer a noob’s question.

The question lies now: Will the noob know?