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Infinity War: A Cinematic Marvel

“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.”

When the booking for Avengers: Infinity War opened a week back, I couldn’t control my excitement and bothered everyone around to accompany me to the theatres. And the wait was well deserved. With fantastic cinematography and excellent directing, this movie stands as the best MCU movie till date and one of the best movies of all time.

It will not be exaggeration to say that Marvel is creating a cinematic wonder. I really liked how they setup these 10 long years for this movie. And this movie was also just a piece in the puzzle and not the puzzle itself. The guys at the Marvel studios are really something extraordinary.

“Marvel Cinematic Universe is now 10 years old and 18 movies long.”

Spoiler Alert: Please read at your own risk.

The movie begins with the attack of Thanos on the Asgardian refugee ship Statesman, exactly where Thor: Ragnarok had ended. We see that he has decimated everything and even manages to defeat Hulk very easily. And that is when, MCU begins their Game of Thrones stint of killing all the characters the fans love and enjoy watching on the silver screen. With the death of Heimdall and Loki, Thanos establishes his supremacy and leaves Thor to die.

Thanos sends out his Black Order to retrieve the other Infinity Stones and the movie follows their adventures. While they almost succeed with the Time Stone, they have a very bad luck with the Mind Stone. On the other hand, Thanos goes to Collector and gets the Reality Stone. Then, he uses it to alter the reality to trick Gamora into coming with him. We get to know here that Gamora knew the location of the Soul Stone but hid it from Thanos.

Thanos gets the information out of her by torturing Nebula and it is revealed that the ever evading Soul Stone is in a place called Vormir. The biggest surprise was the presence of Red Skull in there, who acted as the guide to the stone. Red Skull, as one might remember was last seen in the movie Captain America: First Avenger. Red Skull tells that the Soul Stone requires a sacrifice.

“A Soul for a Soul.”

It is here that Thanos sacrifices Gamora and manages to get the Stone he came looking for.

We all knew Peter Dinklage had been cast in the movie but didn’t know what role was he in. Dinklage plays Eitri, king of the Dwarves of Nidavellir and a master weaponsmith. It is he who had cast Mjolnir before and casts Stormbreaker for Thor in the movie.

This movie being from Thanos’ perspective, hits the bullseye with the fans. The flashback which shows Thanos adopting Gamora as a child really talks about how ruthless he actually is.

“He can destroy half of the Universe with a snap of his finger.”

Indeed! Thanos did destroy half of humanity. With so many superheroes dying, fans in the theatres were left in tears. The death of Peter Parker was indeed quite emotional. The way he said, “I don’t wanna die, Mr. Stark.” riled up a lot of sobs. Furthermore, Rhodey searching for Falcon when he has already disintegrated and T’Challa trying to lend a hand to Okoye and disintegrating were equally painful to watch.

With everyone expecting a tad bit of happiness in the post-credit scene got even more shocks with the disintegration of Maria Hill. Even Nick Fury dies, but not before he sends a distress signal. The symbol looks like that of Captain Marvel.


Image Credits: Marvel Studios


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Dark – A German Stranger Things for Adults

Dark, the first German series to premiere on Netflix, is a combination of Stranger Things and IT, with a little bit of Fringe thrown in as well. As the Guardian comments, Stranger Things for grown-ups; with time-travel, suicides and gruesome murders, this series is mesmerizing and one can’t stop watching this.

Credits: Netflix

There are a lot of characters to keep track of, which is one of the key challenges in the initial episodes that inevitably suck you in regardless.

Credits: Netflix

It starts with Ulrich Nielsen, played by Oliver Masucci, a police officer in the town of Winden and father of three who is  cheating on his wife Katharina, played by Jordis Triebel, with a woman called Hannah Kahnwald, played by Maja Schone, whose husband commits suicide in the initial minutes of the show. Her son, Jonas played by Louis Hofmann along with his teenager friends venture into the woods hunting the drug stash of a classmate who recently disappeared. While they’re out there, Ulrich’s youngest, Mikkel, played by Daan Lennard Liebrenz, also disappears, leading the police to wonder whether someone is targeting local youths. But the disappearances coincide with weird phenomena: animals dropping dead, lights wildly flickering and flashing. Some of the town’s older residents, including Mikkel’s grandmother, mutter about how the new disappearances recall older ones from when they were younger. And a mysterious hooded figure, looking at a newspaper clip reading “Where is Mikkel?”, crosses out the first word and rewrites the headline as “When is Mikkel?”

Credits: Netflix

Dark tells about a fight and everyone’s attempt to reach the light. A twisting tale of time and relations and who’s who; it is sure to intrigue one’s intelligence.

Credits: Netflix

Even when “Dark” is clinical in its set-up of these interweaving story threads, there’s still an incredible amount of energy coursing through the show. The setting is brilliant. The town’s weather reflects the mood of the people, with the weather remaining cloudy most of the time. The camera glides through living rooms and dollies toward mortified faces, rarely pausing as it thrusts new characters and information into the fray. There’s frustrated romantic tension dripping from so many of these sequences, whether it’s an encounter between a man and his mistress or Jonas and a lost, unrequited love. Even an elderly woman sitting at a table and glancing nervously at a grandfather clock carries with her a certain amount of dread-filled forward motion.

Watch it on Netflix.

Anime/Manga Featured

Limitbreaker: A reality!

There was a rumour.

“There is a Universe where lives a mortal even a God of Destruction can’t defeat!” Although there were speculations, we finally saw it to be true. Jiren of Universe 11. Yes, the same Jiren whom we haven’t heard anything speak, finally let go, and all hell broke loose.

The rumour was true.

This week, there were two episodes released, back-to-back. And boy! it was thrilling, it was exciting.


The previous episode had ended with Goku fighting Ribrianne, and we find them still fighting with Goku just testing the waters. The battle stops the moment when Jiren enters and shows what he’s capable of. Even the Gods shook at his might.

Even Beerus is shocked!


Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe 11 urges Jiren to defeat Goku.

Goku began his battle with Jiren while increasing his own power. Goku starts making a mark when he reaches Super Saiyan God, and the battle truly begins at Super Saiyan Blue. But, still there was no significant effect. and Jiren had the upper hand, by a huge margin. Even Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue + Kaiokenx20 fails to have any impact.

Goku Super Saiyan Blue. The real battle begins.

Seeing the inevitable, Goku says he’ll use his trump card then and starts building the Spirit Bomb. When the spirit bomb unleashes, Jiren stops it with one hand only.

The killer Spirit Bomb!

Goku is relentless, and the ensuing tug-of-war with the Spirit Bomb destroys a big chunk of the arena and yet, neither of the side is defeated. Goku starts losing his stamina and Jiren was still far away from his full potential. Goku collapses into the Spirit Bomb and when the dust settles, he’s nowhere to be found. It was seen before that when fighters fall off the arena, they return to the gallery. As Goku hadn’t returned and wasn’t anywhere in the battlefield, there was only one thing to conclude – Goku had vapourised.

Further, since his own attack brought about his demise, Jiren wasn’t charged with any penalty. All hope was lost. Everyone else started to gather around Jiren to push for one last time. But lo and behold! The ground and the entire world of Void started shaking. Goku came back. He was reawakened and there was something different about him. A strange aura surrounded him and he was radiating an enormous amount of heat.


They started fighting once again and surprisingly, Goku had gained a lot. Whis guessed the source of his power being the Spirit Bomb and Beerus exclaimed that Goku must have gained something called – Ultra Instinct, something even the Gods don’t have. Their fight was legendary, until Goku’s energy was exhausted and we were back to square one.

In the next episode, we will see Universe 6’s Hit face-off Jiren. Stay tuned!

Image Courtesy – Toei Animation

Fantasy Featured

Eastwatch – An episode of dismay

The fifth episode to Season 7 of the much-hyped HBO productions “Game of Thrones” dropped Sunday night (Monday morning for me) and when I began watching it, I had only one hope; “Eastwatch” should carry on the momentum generated by the previous episode “Spoils of War”. Unfortunately, it was mostly a disappointment.

In the beginning of the episode, we find that the entire battle has been devastated, with the Dothraki claiming the ruins. We see Daenerys give an option to all the prisoners of war; bend the knee or be executed. Randyll Tarly and his son, Dickon refuse to bend the knee and face the music. But, instead of beheading them as Tyrion had imagined, Dany utters Dracarys and they are burnt alive.

Spoils of War.

It is of importance to mention here that Drogon looks massive in these scenes, quite contrary to the Drogon we saw during the attack.

Drogon looks massive in these scenes.


Even Dany looks spectacular with Drogon in the back.

One of the most bizarre things to have happened in this episode was Daenerys landing in front of Jon Snow, when she returns to Dragonstone and what followed was even more strange. As soon Drogon approaches Jon, he pets Drogon, which was absolutely unmotivated and seemed way out of context. Although, one might argue that this helped to strengthen the fact the Jon is a Targaryen.

Jon Snow trying to pet Drogon.

We had seen in the trailers of this season that Bran wargs into a murder of crows and spies onto the Night King and his Army of the Dead. We get to see that in this episode and I felt that it was really a visual spectacle. Furthermore, the massiveness of the army is seen for the first time and we understand the scale of threat Westeros is facing.

Army of the Dead.

Jon gets to know by a raven that Bran and Arya are alive and are back at Winterfell. Jorah Mormont goes to Dragonstone and Daenerys welcomes him back with open arms, quite literally.

The Dothraki bring back Jorah Mormont.

Another of the weird thing to have happened in this episode is Dany agreeing to have an armistice with Cersei. It was a childhood dream of Daenerys Targaryen to go back home and reclaim her father’s throne. Of course it was highly unreasonable when she agrees to this condition on the words of a stranger a.k.a. Jon Snow that the threat of the White Walkers is real.

By the way, Gendry is back.

Gendry is back.

As expected, Sam gets frustrated by the Citadel and the stubbornness of the Maesters there, and decides that they can’t help him in his fight against the Others.

Sam leaving OldTown.

We see LittleFinger is back at his business of creating mistrust between people and this time he uses Sansa and especially Arya as his pawns.

It might be vital to note here that the much speculated “ghost of Catelyn Stark” turns out to be a common Northern girl, who incidentally, is working as a spy for Baelish.

Peter Baelish with his spy.



Hot Topics Interviews

Brown Paperbag: One year and more

I first heard of Brown Paperbag when a friend asked me to check out this Facebook page. I was amazed by the simplicity and brilliance with which the comics were made. And Brown Paperbag was still rising in popularity then.

Meet Sailesh Gopalan, the man behind this successful venture and learn about what keeps him busy. Today, Brown Paperbag is a common name among young people.

Brown Paperbag. What was the thought behind the name?
Brown is a colour Indians associate themselves with. And a brown paper bag is typically used in cartoons to symbolise shame or embarrassment, an issue I often dabble with.

Brown Paperbag

Is Kabir inspired from you or someone you know? What about Devika? Ananya?
Kabir is the personification of the angsty teenage Indian stereotype. Of course, many of his adventures are inspired by events I have experienced or witnessed, but Kabir represents a stereotype and not a specific person. Same goes for Devika and Ananya.

How does it feel to have continued this web-comics for one year now?
It feels pretty great. I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it’s not something I’m doing just for myself anymore. The people who read it and support me are wonderful, and their enjoyment is the incentive I need to keep going.

The Anniversary edition.

Who has been your strongest support?
My family, of course. And one of my closest friends, Akshat. I could confidently say I wouldn’t have managed to keep this up without their help and support.

The latest instalment to Brown Paperbag comics.

The comics have become a tad less frequent? Is it because you’re busy with something else?
Yes, I’m in my final year of college now and the amount of work keeps increasing. Brown Paperbag is unfortunately on a lower tier in the priorities list, considering there’s no deadlines I need to adhere to. But, I try and do a bit here and there whenever I can make some time.

The first Brown Paperbag comic.

How far do you think Brown Paperbag would go? Any plans for collaboration with other artists? How about similar collab with TVF Qtiyapa?
I have no idea. It’s going, and I plan to keep it going. As for collaborations, I don’t think there will be any in the near future, considering my other obligations and commitments.

I really enjoyed your “Celebratory animation featuring Ananya”. Why don’t you make the animations a regular thing?

Animation is my real passion, and I hope to some day incorporate animation into Brown Paperbag. Hopefully an animated series in the future. The reason I can’t make it a regular thing is because it’s a time consuming process, and time is something not so readily available in the market. But hey, glad you liked the animation!

Any words for our readers?
Hope you continue to read and enjoy my comics! Thank you all for your support!

All the images displayed belong to Brown Paperbag. We hold no copyright over it and the images have been used with the permission of the said owner.

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Hot Topics

Fanville: A fandom-con in Kolkata

I spent the better part of today attending a one-day fandom convention in Kolkata. Fanville, jointly organised by The Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta and Designz Life, was the second of its kind in the City of Joy.

The itinerary.

Stuffed with lots of quizzes on various genres, scavenger hunts and musical performances, Fanville was the place to be in this rainy Sunday. The Harry Potter Quiz – Potterheads was an unique one with the participants being sorted out into the four houses. Kudos to the organisers for planning it so meticulously. There was a Multi-Fandom quiz, a gaming quiz and what not. Although, I was expecting a quiz based on Game of Thrones, but it never happened.

Band Performance by Invisible Strings

Further, they even had a gaming room with a good number of exciting PC playables, with even tournaments were being organised.

Participants engrossed in the games.


A racer playing.                                  Image credits – Rohit Sengupta


Did you attend Fanville as well? How was it? Tell us in the comments!

Hot Topics Interviews

Gaurav Thakur: Cosplayer Interview

1.What is your name and age?

Gaurav Thakur / 27

2.Stage name, if any?

Indian Spidey / Iron Wolf / Sexy Ass

3.Are you professionally a cosplayer? If not, what do you do?

I am a professional Graphic Designer. I started Cosplay as an hobby but now it’s been  4 years of doing so, and my name is in the Professional Cosplayers list.

4.How long have you been cosplaying?

Since 2013

5.What was your inspiration for cosplay?

One and only Spiderman.


6.How do you think the cosplay scene in India has changed over the years?

It’s still growing, please still adapting the culture. But, sadly 45%-50% people understand the term Cosplay. Most people think it’s a party like a Halloween where we dress like anything.

7.How different are Indian Cosplayers from Foreign Cosplayers? Are they given the same amount of respect?

There is lots of difference in India and Foreign culture. Getting respect in India is tough, if your cosplay is awesome and they know about the character. They will come to you and appraise, if not they will laugh at you and pass stupid comments. Foreign; I feel they are open with their cultures, they will respect everybody work.

8.What are the difficulties and challenges you face as a cosplayer?

Many; pushing to groping. People will treat you like a toy, they just want to click pictures, and they don’t care about how the other person is feeling of if he/she feeling tired. No changing rooms or resting places in Cosplay events, have to take care of belonging/money/bag etc. Sometimes it’s really hard to say No to people and roam around after paying for your own ticket.

9.Being a man, have you ever been discouraged from cosplaying by family or friends?

There is no discouragement from my family, I belong to lower middle class familiarly. Understanding these kind of stuff is difficult for our parents. They just know Spiderman what i did, later on when they saw my interviews/pictures in Newspapers. Slowly and steadily they understand that what exactly I am doing.

10.What are your suggestions for budding cosplayers in India? Can cosplaying be taken as a serious career choice?

Do cosplay to make other feel happy and to make any fan to live his/her dream. When a small kid is looking to you with a hope, respect that. Don’t talk bad words or abuse anyone, respect the name of the character. It will take only a second to say the person with xyz cosplay is very bad.

Taking Cosplay as a career; still a grey area. Still very less platforms, and no one to sponsor you for all the stuff. Making and cosplay and developing needs money. Start as an hobby, when you feel you have contacts or right platforms go for it. India is still developing, but in Abroad competition is on top. So go slow!!!


N.B. All the images displayed are the property of the cosplayer. The Noob Knows holds no copyright over them and the images are being used with the permission of the said cosplayer.

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Hot Topics Interviews

Gracy Chan: Cosplayer Interview


1. What is your name and age?

Shareen Gracy Toppo and age 30

2. Stage name, if any?

Stage name Gracy Chan and my sweet friends changed that to Gravy Chan hahahahaha.     


3. Are you professionally a cosplayer? If not, what do you do?

No, not yet a professional cosplayer but I wish to be one and I am presently a part of an NGO “ Mann Global Welfare Foundation.

4. How long have you been cosplaying?

 I have been cosplaying since 2015 and started from Bangalore Comic Con 2015.

5. What was your inspiration for cosplay?

Initially I didn’t at all know about cosplay and I was 1st introduced to the world of Anime soon to realise while I looked up for my favourite characters on Google  that there are actually people who enact their favourite characters. Soon started following few of my favourite cosplayers mainly KANA and Reika and  and they are still my idols till date. 

I have always loved all kinds of art and was pretty much good in art and craft so this helped me to build my props and do make up for any cosplays I wished to do. I even did experiment creating my own new character too which I cosplayed last year in Hyderabad Comic Con 2016 as Spider Queen.


6. How do you think the cosplay scene in India has changed over the years?

Me taking part itself has been just 2 and half years so I do realise there are some misconceptions that a cosplayer has to be perfect like a model. No, cosplay is way different than modelling. You have to be yourself and yet you need to play the character you want to cosplay. Embrace yourself the way you are and cosplay anything you want. There are no limits when it comes to cosplay for you are free to break rules and enjoy cosplaying. 

Luckily whenever I cosplayed people did love it and yes to mention I am not tall and slim. One has to know where does he or she excels and play it accordingly and glad to see many people come up and cosplay whatever they wish to.

Initially, people also had issues getting their props, costumes and make up done but now luckily many cosplayers have come up with commission work and pages that rents people from wigs to costumes who want to cosplay.

7. How different are Indian Cosplayers from Foreign Cosplayers? Are they given the same amount of respect?

I have many friends who cosplay from different countries and have realised they all have different mindset as per their comfort zone. Most of them love experimenting but not many Indian cosplayers are willing to experiment and create new characters. I have spoken to many Indian cosplayers and even know few are scared to cosplay for they think that a particular character does not suits them.

When there is a question of amount of respect then its just recently that cosplay is being popular through many cosplayers like us. Cross playing and genderbent cosplays are not so much encouraged. Each one of us are good at something or the other from stitching our own costumes to making props so each person differs according to their caliber. 

8. What are the difficulties and challenges you face as a cosplayer?

As a cosplayer the main difficulty I find is getting the raw materials for making props and the ones which are highly in demand are too expensive for any Indian cosplayers who are either student or working. So most of us end up making with whatever material is available to us in our respective cities. 

9. Being a woman, have you ever been discouraged from cosplaying by family or friends?

No, not at all and being woman I feel cosplay world is tough for men more as men are either looked down for doing make up or discouraged for playing gender bents. 

Infact, generally most of us are discouraged cos we do have to invest in buying raw materials and if you are still a student then it becomes a load as to how do we manage. The main question asked by our family as to what great is to happen if we cosplay and this discourages most of us which leads to losing of many upcoming awesome cosplayers and time and again I have seen people giving up or hiding from their family since India is yet to accept cosplay as a profession.  

10. What are your suggestions for budding cosplayers in India? Can cosplaying be taken as a serious career choice?

We are humans not models and we need not be perfect. Be as you are and use your skills to make your cosplays better. Experience says when you teach someone you learn too so do help others and experiment as there are no rules to cosplay.

Yes, cosplaying can be taken as serious career in few more years as many cities are coming with small cons, gaming events and other events now and then. A lot of foreign countries seek the help of cosplayers where cosplaying is popular in places like hospitals, orphanages, etc so hope this soon happens in India too.I am actually waiting for Kolkata to also be a part of Comic Con as I believe there is lot of scope and many budding cosplayers are yet to be part of this beautiful world. It will soon increase as the progress I see is rapid.


N.B. All the images displayed are the property of the cosplayer. The Noob Knows holds no copyright over them and the images are being used with the permission of the said cosplayer.

You can follow her on Facebook. She is also on Instagram and YouTube.

Featured Interviews

Meet Hotaru Juno: India’s Entry to WCS’17

The World Cosplay Summit also known as WCS, is an annual international cosplay event that promotes friendly international exchange through Japanese pop culture. The WCS has grown from a weekend event in 2003 and is currently held over a one-week period where the representatives visit different parts of Japan, including Akihabara, Kyoto and Sendai, in promotion of Japanese youth culture and its ability to connect internationally. WCS 2017 is going to be held from July 29-Aug 6.

India’s entry to WCS 2017 is Hotaru Juno and Gichik chichi. Hotaru Juno, whose real name is Juno Pinggam, hails from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh and is 17 years old. She’s a student. She and her partner have been cosplaying together for the past two years.

Hotaru Juno and Gichik chichi.

Juno was really excited when we approached her for this interview and agreed right away. Although, in her words, anxious would be the correct word. But, who wouldn’t be. It is such a challenge after all. “We are still working on some parts of our costume. But we are mostly done. We are like we are ready yet not ready.” she says with a laugh. “It was like our childhood dream come true and still our mind is trying to process if it’s real.  We are hoping we will be able to perform and live up to the expectations.” she adds.

Juno as Ririchiyo.

For the competition, Juno will be cosplaying as Kurumi and her partner as Kotori. Kurumi Tokisaki and Kotori Itsuka are characters from the anime Date A Live. Juno confesses, “I always wanted to be an anime character. I found out about cosplay in 2005 and always wanted to do it.” She continues, “I later saw Alodia cosplaying characters whom I really liked and I had a moment there. I started cosplaying in 2012“. Alodia Gosiengfiao is a Filipina cosplayer, model, TV presenter, singer, and actress.

The wonderful thing about Juno is that cosplaying isn’t all she does. She makes costumes and wigs on request to sell or rent out. She explains, “I think there are a super lot of difficulties about cosplaying here in Itanagar. Getting wigs is next to impossible here. If we want to buy online it takes months. Materials like eva foam isn’t almost unavailable. I help out however I can.”

Juno as her own Ero Gothic Lolita.

Although, this is the first time, she is going to represent India at a World Stage. This isn’t the first time she is going to be on the dais portraying her creativity. She has recently won the Miss Itanagar 2017 pageant. As a result, she is going to take part in Miss Arunachal Pradesh as well. She happily says, “It was a very fun experience. I wanted to represent the cosplay community there, so I dressed up as Kurumi and wore Yuno costume. Winning was a shock for me but I’m happy. And I was given this opportunity to be in Top 15 in coming pageant. Now I hope I will do well in Miss Arunachal and make fellow cosplayers proud.”

Juno in Miss Itanagar. Credits – Rakesh M Das.

In the end, we ask why she chose Hotaru as her onstage name. She enlightens us, “Hotaru is the Japanese name for Firefly. I chose Hotaru because they are able to bring joy to people, even in dark.”

Make sure to follow Hotaru Juno on Facebook. Also, follow her cosplays on World Cosplay.

N.B. All the images used here belong to the cosplayer and has been taken by her permission. The Noob Knows holds no copyright over it.


Hot Topics Interviews

Cosplay – Birth and Evolution in India: Part 2

Often in life, we are faced with uncertainties, and doubt shrouds our analysing capabilities. We are faced with choices, with one choice looking too grim to chase after.  It is at this time that we need to pay a visit to our Fortress of Solitude to rethink our options.

“You need to be able to find time between studies & working on a cosplay. Apart from funds, resources also play a crucial role in the finished product.” agrees Charlotte Rodricks, a 24-year old student who cosplays for fun and goes by the name Purrin Cosplay. “My mom has always been supportive of me cosplaying. If I needed help with making props, my dad provided me with the required assistance. In fact my parents even gifted me a sewing machine as a birthday gift so I wouldn’t need to hand stitch everything by myself.” adds Charlotte. She was lucky to have her parents support her in her cosplays and even help actively.

Although, sometimes people face much more hurdles when they try to pursue their passion for cosplay. “I belong to lower middle class family. Understanding these kind of stuff is difficult for our parents.” says Gaurav Thakur, a 27-year old professional graphic designer who is as much of a professional cosplayer, though he started it as a hobby. Gaurav started out cosplaying in 2013 and Spiderman was his first cosplay. “My parents just knew Spiderman. And that is what they thought I did. Later on, when they saw my interviews and pictures in newspapers, slowly and steadily they understood what exactly I was doing.” says Gaurav with a smile. Seeing happiness on his parents’ faces does make him happy as well.

Gaurav as Spiderman

“One has to know where he or she excels and play it accordingly and I am glad to see many people come up and cosplay whatever they wish to.” advises Shareen Gracy Toppo, a 30-year old cosplayer who’s much popular with the name Gracy Chan. Gracy is a part of an NGO called Mann Global Welfare Foundation. She further says, “Initially I didn’t know anything about cosplay. When I was first introduced to the world of anime, I used to look up for my favourite characters on Google.  Then I found that there are actually people who enact their favourite characters. And soon I started following few of my favourite cosplayers mainly KANA and Reika and they are my idols still now. I have always loved all kinds of art and was pretty much good in art and craft so this indeed helped me to build my props and do make up for any cosplays I wanted to do. I even took a bold move when I decided to create my own new character which I cosplayed last year in Hyderabad Comic Con 2016. People adored Spider Queen.”

Gracy as Spider Queen

Ahmed, popular for his Groot cosplay, chips in, “Choosing cosplaying as a career is a hard job but definitely possible. I am not a professional cosplayer. I am a student. Although, I don’t know much about this, however from what I have heard, you can surely survive with what you earn. Also, you will have to travel a lot with all your cosplaying stuff. So, that’s pretty fun.”

Gaurav tries to give a reality check and tells, “Taking cosplaying as a career; still a grey area. Still very less platforms, and no one to sponsor you for all the stuff. Making a cosplay and developing needs money. Start as a hobby, and when you feel you have the contacts or the right platforms, go for it. India is still developing, but in abroad, competition is on top.” Charlotte tells, “Cosplay is for everyone! It doesn’t matter what is your body type, colour or anything else. Cosplay for the love of the character. As of now in India, there are quite a few professional cosplayers. However as a serious career choice it is still in its infant stages.”

Gaurav as Deadpool

“We are humans and we are not perfect. Be as you are and use your skills to make your cosplays better. Experience says when you teach someone you learn too so do help others and experiment as there are no rules to cosplay.” adds Gracy as we draw to a close.

Gracy as Valak

Cosplaying is great. It adds flavour and takes fervour to do that. For all the budding cosplayer around there, India is at a stage when it is still fumbling with this relatively new concept but we are learning fast. Cosplaying is slowly but steadily taking a strong grip and we can always hope that in the recent future we climb as high as foreign cosplayers do.


P.S. The cosplayers are the owners of the images displayed.

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