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Green Lantern Corps: Our take on Hal Jordan’s casting

DC has lined up a Green Lantern Corps movie starring both Hal Jordan and John Stewart and the casting is on its way. Recently a list of actors for the role of Hal Jordan in the story written by David Goyer and Justin Rhodes has been released and we can see a lot of exciting choices. The US Air Force Pilot from Coast City would be possibly played out by one of the following actors and we get into an analysis of each.

  1. Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise

    We have seen the actor in a lot of action movies like the Mission Impossible series and The Last Samurai and Tom Cruise could pull it off. But it would not be wise to cast a character who will have to replaced in the near future (age issues),  though the casting of Ben Affleck does defy that logic. The actor who could have been in The Matrix instead of Keanu Reeves is an outside contender as the Green Lantern.

    Our take: Poor casting

  2.  Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    The actor got massive fame from his portrayal of the Marvel character Deadpool. Although he is lesser known for his previously performed Green Lantern, which failed miserably at the box office. While the actor had also voiced the Lantern in the video game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, it is better for him to stick to Deadpool 2 rather than continuing Green Lantern.

    Our take: No chance

  3. Bradley Cooper

    Bradley Cooper

    In 2014, Cooper provided the voice of Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy and is set to reprise that role in this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The actor is also famous for his role of an American SEAL in the movie American Sniper and an FBI agent in American Hustle. While Cooper could give a gritty look and feel to the intergalactic police officer, it is quite unrealistic to imagine him as Hal Jordan as Rocket Raccoon is set to feature in Avengers: Infinity War.

    Our take: Difficult

  4. Jake Gyllenhaal

    Jake Gyllenhaal

    We have seen the actor take up roles in The Day After Tomorrow and Brokeback Mountain. He was a top contender for Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins(2005), Spiderman in Spiderman-2(2004) and Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but lost out. Let us see if the actor can finally grab the role of the Emerald Crusader.

    Our take: Outside chance

  5. Joel McHale

    Joel McHale

    He has appeared in films such as Spy Kids: All the Time in the World (2011) and Ted (2012). He has also played an NYPD officer in the supernatural horror film Deliver Us from Evil. We expect a comedy-filled version of Hal Jordan from this person if he is cast.

    Our take: Surprise inclusion in this list

  6. Armie Hammer

    Armie Hammer

    He was once picked by George Miller to star in Justice League: Mortal set for 2007 as Batman/Bruce Wayne, after a lot of searches. Miller himself would have directed the film, but the project was abandoned. He is back again, now to be set as the protector of Space Sector 2814. Having voiced an array of characters in many animated series and games, we can hope a decent performance from him. He recently gave fans a cheer when Joe Manganiello (Deathstroke) congratulated him on Twitter.

    Our take: Strong chance

  7. James MarsdenJames MarsdenJames Marsden has been a hot property since his portrayal of Teddy Flood in HBO’s massively hit Westworld. He has got the boyish charm of Hal Jordan and also the strength of carry off Green Lantern with his acting skills. He is no stranger to superhero movies as he has played Cyclops in the original X-Men movies. He also had a supporting role in the movie Superman Returns.

    Our take: Great casting

Who would you like to be cast as the Green Lantern? Tell us in the comments below.

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The Big Bang Theory: Season 10 Episode 13 “The Romance Recalibration”

The Big Bang Theory returned, yet again, from a small break. But this time they did not live up to our expectations. The show all-of-a-sudden seems to have a serious tone and the characters seem purposeless. Not to mention the hard-to-laugh-at jokes. I precisely remember only one or two instances where I had a smile pop across my face.

Leonard takes relationship tips from Sheldon!

After Leonard and Penny were married, the writers simply have forgotten to spin jokes with them. So instead, they tried a serious discussion. Penny thinks Leonard is not trying enough as he used to (which I think is definitely wrong, as he says) and that they need time to think over their relationship. Whereas Shamy have grown into a super couple with open kisses and a “miss you” attitude. Amy thinks of herself as the group leader, hosting the ladies’ night. The shows best part is being supplied by Howard, who is thinking of repairing the squeaky floor in baby Halley’s room. Raj and Howard try out ideas and each time the solution is futile.

Amy hosts the ladies’ night.

Though the show garners enough viewers, but being a die-hard fan even I think it is nosing down and needs to up its game. We have had enough of Raj being attached to the Howard-Bernadette storyline and he needs to have something of his own. The character’s story itself is not having any progress. Finally, Penny and Leonard getting a Relationship Agreement is not the solution we would want. There was always a spark in the couple and they could deal with the damages. Nevertheless, Sheldon showing an interest in other people’s lives is sweet to watch.

The search for the squeaky spots.

My favourite moment from the show was the time when Leonard and Penny asked Sheldon to whip up a Roommate Agreement and Sheldon said, “I get to write a contract? I say let’s get the party’s first part started”. Then Shamy laugh hard, to which Penny asks if that is really funny. Amy says, “It’s in our agreement. I have to laugh”.

Tell us about your favourite part of the episode in the comments below.

Picture Credits: CBS

Featured TV Show

The Big Bang Theory: Season 10 Episode 12 “The Holiday Summation”

Bernadette feels she is a bad mother

The Big Bang Theory returns from its mid-season hiatus. The episode was a variation of a clip show (alternating between present times and flashbacks), with each of the couples describing their way of spending the Holidays. The episode did not quite pick up the pace but the presence of Howard and Bernadette lit up my smile. One of the funniest screen times for the pair in recent episodes. Let us go into a detailed review-

Sheldon getting mad at his mom

Sheldon and Amy visit Texas and eventually Sheldon’s mother, where Sheldon, on being coaxed by Amy, confesses to his mother that they were living together. Sheldon gets mad on his mother and leaves with Amy. Penny and Leonard have a tiring time cutting and bringing a Christmas tree home., only to dump it in the elevator shaft. Despite the help of Raj and Stuart, Howard and Bernadette struggle with little Halley and have some emotional moments. The episode ends with the group sharing their experiences over dinner.

Eagerly listening to Bernadette and Howard

While viewers were eagerly waiting for Halley to make an appearance, the writers yet again cleverly skipped a character out. We are actually happy that we would not be able to see Halley ever, a nice homage to Howard’s mother. The episode was named “The Holiday Summation” most appropriately, but we were not greeted with any specific conclusion to their lives. My favourite moment from the show was Sheldon saying, “So how does the story end? Is.. is the baby a jerk or is Bernadette a bad mother?”. Truly Sheldon.

A hearty dinner with friends is all one needs.

Tell us about your favourite moment from the episode in the comments below.

Picture credits: CBS

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10 Sheldon things that we adore

You might be knowing the gorgeous Penny, or you might be knowing the cool-guy Howard. But you will definitely know that one character, the best comic character of the decade, Sheldon Cooper. Whether you like TBBT or not, you simply love the “Sheldony” thing about the episodes. So here we present 10 Sheldon things no one could ignore-

  1. The Three Knocks
  2. One of the numerous times…

    Be it a request to his neighbour or getting back at his Ex-girlfriend, Sheldon just can’t survive without knocking the door, 3 times precisely.

  3. Bazinga
  4. Sheldon scares the hell out of Leonard

    Those rare times when Sheldon pulls off a joke on someone and the Bazinga we get to hear on his success, it’s so much fun. It was not until the finale of Season 2 that we got to hear it and we have loved it henceforth.

    Leonard the victim again.
  5. List of Enemies
  6. You better not piss off Sheldon or you may end up in his list of enemies. A list of 61 mortal enemies, with people often coming on and off the list, stored on a floppy drive previously. Did you know that once Penny was also on that list?

    Never mess with Sheldon.
  7. Soft Kitty Warm Kitty
  8. Whenever he is sick or upset, Sheldon needs a small dosage of the song that his mother used to sing. He even sings it too others. This presents the bitter-sweet relationship between Sheldon and Penny as the song is always a bonding moment for them.

    A Soft Kitty ensures a good sleep.
  9. Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock
  10. We all choose Spock.

    The game by Sam Kass was catapulted to fame by the show. And who else ton introduce it than Sheldon. Even though the game has only two mentions in the entire series, we still love the way Sheldon explains the rules.

  11. Sheldon’s spot
  12. The first thing that caught on every Sheldon fan. In Sheldon’s words, “It is the singular location in space around which revolves my entire universe.”. We all know the attachment to his spot from his iconic explanation. You would be lucky enough if you could rest your bottom on it.

    Just leave his spot alone, would you?
  13. “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”
  14. Don’t you ever call Sheldon a crazy person or you would end up hearing this rant all over again. He is perfectly normal and we are happy with that fact. But is he?

    He is not crazy, you understand?
  15. Love interest in Amy
  16. From the time when they were paired on a dating website, we have enjoyed the combination of Sheldon and Amy. Sheldon’s unique way of affection, with a Relationship Agreement that clearly states out the rules, is absolutely adorable. Long live Shamy.

    A heart-to-heart with Amy
  17. Disregard for engineers (or any other field)
  18. Theoretical physicists are the alpha beings in the world, that is what Sheldon thinks, and we don’t really hate him for that. His constantly demeaning Howard, and calling engineering “not worth doing” may be insulting, but it is hilarious.

    Physicists and enginers on the same front, IMPOSSIBLE!
    Poor engineers, you need something better to do.


  19. Klingon

Lastly we love the way he loves Star Trek and we adore the way he speaks Klingon (those who may not be knowing, Klingon is the occasional Gibberish that Sheldon and his friends speak, a language from the Star Trek series). He even wanted to give the wedding speech on Howard’s marriage in Klingon and he asked Penny if she knew the language, as a qualification for dating Leonard.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

That’s all folks. Tell us your favourite moments from Sheldon’s life in the comments below.

May we never have to see the end of The Big Bang Theory and may Sheldon 2.0 be as much fun.

Live long and Prosper.

“Live Long and Prosper”
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Santa Claus and Christmas in DC and Marvel Comics

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Santa Claus, every child had for once dreamt and craved for a gift-wrapped piece of affection from this individual. But did you know that Santa Claus doubles up as a superhero existing in both the Marvel and DC Universes?

Santa Claus and Superman in Action Comics.

Santa Claus, real name Kris Kringle, with notable alias Saint Nicholas, is an immortal being in the DC Universe. He has abilities like magic and charisma, which is to gather trust and inspire hope among the people. He has appeared in various Christmas and Holiday special issues of popular
storylines like Batman and Superman. Constantine once snorted a powder made from Santa’s skeleton as cocaine for his ritual.

Santa vs Lobo. Image Credits : DC Comics 

Our beloved Santa also has had a severe run-in with Lobo, in DC Comic’s Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special.

Santa Claus in Marvel Comics. Image Credits: Marvel Comics


Marvel also has a similar rendition of the character, with apperances in Thor’s storyline, where he is supposed to be another form of Odin. He also appears in WWII as a hostage under the Nazis and in X Men as “the most powerful mutant ever registered”.

Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight

Santa also appeared in Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight (2015 movie), where Loki and Ymir try to take over his power.
Follow The Noob Knows for more such updates on characters you never knew existed. Merry Christmas!