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Rick and Morty Season 3 Review Part 1 (Episode 1-5)

Dark humour. Unapologetic commentary on the obdurate nature of the society’s elite. Crazy adventures. Not so original settings. All these are inherent parts of a Rick and Morty episode. On those grounds season 3 does not disappoint.


Fortnite: Details and Expectations

One of the free to play games that I am looking forward to this year is Fortnite. From the day I watched the trailer, I have been following it and waiting for its release. The gameplay looked great. The player and a bunch of teammates were shooting zombies and trying to build a house (or maybe a fort) with gathered resources.

At first glance Fortnite looks like Minecraft and Overwatch gameplay fused together. However that won’t be a totally accurate description. For those who are interested, the game is in early access. Currently the game is going to cost you somewhere between $39.99 and $149.99. However when the game is released it will be free to play. That in no way means that you are wasting your money because the early access will hook you up with the Founder’s Pack which gives you extra Heroes, loot, weapons and in-game boosts as well as an exclusive weapon pack. The game won’t be using steam launcher but their own custom one.

Early access is a great way to keep the development going as the cash flow is maintained and also they get feedback from the players who are testing the game for them, which they can choose to incorporate in their game. A recent game We Happy Few created quite a hype with its early access. Many YouTubers had covered it and that gave the game a further boost. So one can assume the same can happen with this game too as long as the team pulls the right strings.

However this is not your average zombie apocalypse game. There is no gore and the zombies (husks) are pretty cute as long as you ignore the human flesh hood that they are wearing. Being cute doesn’t mean they are harmless because you need to take them down. And when you do take them down they just pop – no blood, no screaming, no fuss. Now as I previously said, this game does have elements of hero shooter games like Overwatch. There are classes that you can choose from. Each class has a special ability. Ninjas are a special melee-focused class. Other classes include soldiers, who focus on missile weapons, and constructors who make quick work of building projects. It is a co-op game where you scavenge items and craft weapons and build fortified structures.

However, in spite of the game being pretty good, considering that it is still in its development phase, some have found it to be boring after playing for a while. Charlie Hall from Polygon says, “In my time with Fornite, I’ve pretty much done the same three things over and over and over again. I’ve hit trees, rocks and various pieces of furniture with a pickaxe to gain resources. Then, I’ve used those resources to build a fort and fill it with traps. Finally, I’ve killed an awful lot of husks.” But we should keep in mind that is an online game and the developers can always change and add new features to the game based on suggestions from the fans. So even if it appears boring today, before its release, the game might be completely different a year down the line.

A term that we tend to hear a lot when we talk about games is procedural generation. Simply put it is a method where certain elements of the game can be randomized for infinite number of times. This helps to create a vast number of unique levels and other components that a game might use. There was a game that came out recently called ‘No Man’s Sky’. Their the developers messed up pretty bad. How they messed it up and what they could have done to prevent it are topics that can be discussed another day. But the point is every time I hear the term now it makes me skeptical. This game uses it to change the environment and objectives from mission to mission. But I am doubtful as to whether it makes a whole lot of difference in the actual gameplay.

The developers from People Can Fly and Epic Games are trying their best to bring some new experience to the palette and I wish they achieve that, for that would mean another amazing game in the f2p category.

Image Credits – Epic Games