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Christmas special episode of Dr. Who – Review

Guest post by Siddharth Bhansali, a bonafide Whovian

Peter Parker should have died of Radioactive Poison, instead of becoming the Spiderman, well at least that’s what the Doctor says. And also, did you know Clark Kent is Superman?

It’s been an year since the last episode of Doctor Who. Now, it’s Christmas and we’re here with the Christmas Special of Doctor Who, who’s now in New York. NEW YORK? But how? Isn’t that supposed to create a paradox because of Amy and Rory? Apparently it is, and it did happen. The Doctor started out by resolving that.

If you’re reading this, then you probably already saw the episode. If you didn’t, you better should, because SO MANY REFERENCES.
The Doctor feels lonely, and had Nardole being tied back up with a body so that he can have a companion. Yeah I guess, after what happened with River Song (wipes off a tear), one can’t really blame him.
The story is not at all bad; not great, but not bad. It’s good enough for a worthy Christmas Special. Felt very much Superman-ish, except that Lois Lane here had a daughter already, but with the best friend of Superman. Eh. Grant Gordon(also The Ghost/Vigilante) being the Superman and Lucy Fletcher being Lois Lane.  Nice comic panels Steven Moffat got going on in the episode. Really liked that.

Personally, I couldn’t think of a better plot to have a superhero in a show like Doctor Who, but kudos to Steven. Good job done.
The aliens seemed to be a sequel of the Hydroflax from ‘The Last Christmas: Husbands of River Song’. Use your skull to hide any weapon. Amazing.
The setting was perfect, the can-survive-4-times-the-strength-of-a-nuclear-blast-windows made it better.
The Doctor is really sad from bidding River good bye. Even if that was a long time ago, in a library.

We now know what the Doctor can’t handle: a squeeze-me toy, here: Mr Huffle. Lucy uses that to get all the answers from The Doctor. But. Did anyone else thought that Mr Huffle kinda looked like Bill? You should know who Bill is, for those of you just randomnly reading this: Bill is the next Companion of The Doctor, not yet introduced to him. But we do see her in the after credits trailer. Coming back to that later.

Grant was a great character. Managing his by-night-vigilante life and his nanny job pretty well. He focuses more on being the nanny though. Too bad he didn’t like his X-Ray vision that much.

Lucy seemed a little stupid(for a journalist) to me though, I mean come on! The mask of The Ghost was pretty basic, anyone who knows Grant would understand who’s the man underneath.

Grant and the Doctor and Nardole fight the alien off, Lucy comes to know The Ghost’s identity, and they kiss, while Grant was holding a space ship nuclear bomb in one of his hands. WOW. I wonder if he can defeat the actual Superman? Maybe, who knows; who knows? (taps on nose)

The UNIT takes in over the alien company, where one officer calls out to Osgood(?). Seems like someone now has a promotion, thanks to the Doctor.

The episode ended with Doctor taking off with Nardole and Mr Huffle on his Tardis control desk. He’s brave, but still sad.
The after credits trailer for Season 10 show Bill serving chips and thinking the Tardis looks like a kitchen. But she just wants to use the washroom! Nardole is still with them.

He’s funny, but pale. Maybe he’ll improve. Still, worthy of a companion. Might work out. Steven Moffat has one season left with him to prove what he’s got. Good luck.

To conclude, the episode was fine. You should watch it if you watch the show. It’s a good special. The Doctor is developing, and you’ve got to understand that. He’s sad after losing River Song. And he’ll be for a while.

See you all in 2017’s end for Season 10!  For now, SHERLOCK is coming next week!

Image Credits: BBC

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