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Jessica Jones (Season 2) Review: The Return of the Damaged Goddess

If you say with great power, comes great responsibility, I swear I will throw up on you. 

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is one of Netflix’s finest shows. After a very intense first season, Netflix returned with the season 2 on this Women’s Day. This Jessica has been reoriented and reinterpreted for the modern times and mainly highlights the problems our society faces today. Jessica Jones is not a typical superhero but she is definitely a new-age feminist. She has her problems and drinks heavily to dumb down her demons. This is where it gets so relatable. No sexist suit, no saving-the-world ideology, it is just Jessica Jones and her haunting past.


After killing off Kilgrave, season two starts off with Malcolm and Jessica facing some competition from a rival P.I. agency. Trish Walker’s obsession with Jessica’s past becomes increasingly dangerous and she goes to unimaginable lengths to get powers of her own. While she really tries to show people that she cares for the world, she really comes off as self-centred and fanatical.

There are a few drawbacks to this season, though. The plot remains exhilarating and unpredictable until episode 8. Marvel uses the back-from-the-dead-family-member formula again, and frankly, it is just worn-out at this point. I do not sympathise with the villain, I cannot understand why the director(s) try so hard to show this person as an unfortunate victim of circumstances. Lack of a proper compelling villain makes the season inferior to its predecessor.

Marvel and Netflix’s last venture was a hit getting rave reviews. The Punisher was brilliant only because his struggle was believable and the villain was menacing enough.


Jessica and Kilgrave

David Tenant does a wonderful, wonderful job with the few scenes he has and the banter between Kilgrave and Jessica Jones is probably my favourite part of this season.

Much like in season 1, Kilgrave tries to trick Jessica into guilt and shame. I think these scenes represent how our world is obsessed with shaming people for no fault of their own, especially women. Women are expected to be docile and if they dare to go their way, they are made to believe that either they are wrong or something is wrong with them. History is proof of the fact that the world never saw women and power to be an easy combination.

The word ‘power’ holds a very important significance in the Jessica Jones series.

Kilgrave is Purple-Man in the comics. Throughout the first season, Jessica associates Kilgrave with purple. Whenever she thinks of him or Kilgrave himself enters the scene, the colours fade into the shades of the purple. Now, purple is mostly linked with power. In season 1, there is a scene where the manipulative Kilgrave gifts Jessica a purple dress to wear. Instead of obliging, she tears it apart. This scene speaks volumes for me, it symbolises her freedom when she finally breaks off from his authority.




In the second season, however, the colour purple has a broader spectrum of application. It symbolises Jessica’s fears, it symbolises patriarchy and its bounds. 

Another interesting approach to the colour may be linked to how shadowy and controlling Kilgrave could get. Purple is a colour made from the combination of red and blue. While red signifies evil, blue signifies calm. Kilgrave is, therefore, this living personification of calm evil who creeps up on Jones and leaves her in a state of agony.

Kilgrave, Malcolm and Jessica

The character I really loved this season was Malcolm. Much like Jessica, he has taken wrong decisions in his life. At one point, we are made to wonder about Malcolm’s true intentions. He still questions and blames himself for spying on Jessica and puts up with her temper, repenting for his deeds. However, at the end of the show, Malcolm has had enough of people taking advantage of him and he moves on. I like where his story is headed and definitely would like to see more of his complex life in the third season.
Jeri Hogarth’s barbarous attitude is something that made this season so much better for me. She is unapologetically herself and I absolutely loved Carrie-Anne Moss’ portrayal. The season would be dull without her and Krysten Ritter’s refined acting.


Jeri Hogarth With Trish Walker

The season finale heavily disappoints sans a thrilling climax and I really wanted more after having finished the binge-watching.

In conclusion, I would not say the second season was as brilliant as the first one but it still manages to involve you. I hope Jessica’s past stops haunting her and her story moves forward, preferably dealing with the aftermath of Infinity War. It does require a little bit of persistence to watch the new season, but I would strongly recommend it just so you can witness how far Marvel has moved away from its trail of highly objectified superheroines with weak story arcs.

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Are you done with your binge-watching? How did you feel about this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Punisher – Nothing but a masterpiece

The Punisher. Credits: Netflix



Let me start off with how I felt when Frank Castle was first introduced back in Marvel’s Daredevil season 2. He seemed like a moron with a gun, a complete daft. I was quite sceptical about the violence. It felt unnecessarily over the top. Well as of today, I stand corrected. I have never been so glad to have been proved so utterly and absolutely wrong. Jon Bernthal is the man, carrying the whole season away on his shoulders. What a masterpiece! The series gets engaging from the very first scene which is unlike the other Marvel and Netflix series where they normally take 3-4 episodes to build up the momentum. The titular soundtrack is just as badass as The Punisher and I’m already addicted to it.


A stockpile of guns forming up the skull logo of Punisher. Credits: Netflix


There is this scene where one of the antagonists, Lewis Walcott,  sets free a pair of caged birds but they don’t move an inch. They don’t take a step away from that cage. The scene is beautiful and deeply metaphorical. They chose their hell, they’ve been there so long that flying seems abnormal to them. Freedom seems unnatural! This is what makes the show so special. The Punisher serves justice in his own way, almost divine vengeance you can say.


Lewis Walcott trying to free some caged birds. Credits: Netflix


In the end, we see the antagonists punished in a way they deserved, like one of the antagonists dying because of one of his own bombs or betrayer Billy Russo’s pretty face (his only weakness) being disfigured once and for all. Billy Russo is introduced to us as a retired Marine making it big back in American soil as a private security contractor. He is handsome, well dressed, rich, and famous among women. He has everything he had ever dreamed of and goes to extreme extents to protect what he’s achieved, till date. What I take from the show is that Frank Castle is not a cold-blooded murder but a human with a conscience who has suffered a lot.


Curtis Hoyle and Billy Russo. Credits: Netflix


Frank Castle in Kandahar, Afghanistan in a secret op. Credits: Netflix


So the show deals with the aftermath of wars, very gently with care. Wars are real, the troubles, the mess, the deaths are real. The apparent ‘lucky’ soldiers returning home are damaged and scarred for life. For these people, the line between right and wrong is blurred. So, The Punisher puts forward very important questions. How far would you go for your country? Would you sacrifice your conscience and sanity? Are you ready to blurred out all the lines?

At one point Frank starts to hallucinate while being tortured. He sees his wife and they’re having a happy life but the background (which signifies his hallucination) is all black unlike in his nightmares in the past which took place in his house. All of this happens inside his head but it makes me wish badly that it were true, all of it. I feel terrible for Frank, I sympathize with his pain when I realize that memories are all that he is left with.


Frank Castle with his wife, in his hallucinatory dreams. Credits: Netflix


Of course, the story has its flaws and it does start to get a little haywire at times, like when Castle taking the shittiest of beatings but still bounces back, slaying like a Bollywood hero. I enjoyed the most when Frank had some light, happy moments with his friend and partner in crime, David Lieberman. I remember being so glad when I saw this man smile.


David Lieberman (Micro) and Frank Castle. Credits: Netflix

At times, when he needed to get stitched up, I prayed and prayed for the whiny Claire Temple not to show up and thankfully she never did. Karen Page was, however, the real shit magnet this time. I was hoping Matt Murdock would appear at least in one of the scenes but he never did and I must say I’m disappointed. I had heard a lot of criticism about the Punisher’s physique and height before the show but in my opinion, the casting is perfect. The leaner, the better in a fight and mostly, his weapon is a gun. What’s height got to do with it, anyway? The budding romance between Karen Page and Frank Castle seems to be interesting because I want to see how they’ll make it work. Alas! They couldn’t use a brilliant character like Dinah Madani to her full potential which I hope they improve on, next time.


Karen Page and Frank. Credits: Netflix


Dinah Madani and Sam Stein. Credits: Netflix

The director’s done a good job and The Punisher is my favourite Marvel show right after Daredevil. Hopefully, it gets renewed for a second season soon.


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Rick and Morty Season 3 Review Part 1 (Episode 1-5)

Dark humour. Unapologetic commentary on the obdurate nature of the society’s elite. Crazy adventures. Not so original settings. All these are inherent parts of a Rick and Morty episode. On those grounds season 3 does not disappoint.

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Marvel’s Defenders: Review

After months and months of hype and excitement, Netflix finally released the episodes of The Defenders and I couldn’t wait anymore and started streaming the episodes as early as I could.


The Defenders. Credits: Netflix and Entertainment magazine


It starts off with an action scene in Cambodia where Danny Rand has to fight a mysterious woman. This series takes place months after the happening of the first season of Iron Fist where Colleen alongside Danny hunt down clues which can lead them to the ancient organisation, The Hand. Back in New York, Luke Cage is freed from prison as his former inmates cheer. Matthew Murdock moves on with his life after Elektra’s unfortunate demise, or at least tries to. And Jessica..well, Jessica drinks. Episode 1 is spent on reintroduction of some of our favourite characters, the sidekicks, the weaknesses and the personal ties.

Now, let’s talk about the antagonists. Sigourney Weaver disappoints severely from her very first frame. The director/writer evidently try to fill up the void created by kingpin’s absence and she’s meant to be the badass of the show, but it just doesn’t come naturally to Sigourney as was the case when it was about D’Onofrio. Where is that vulnerable yet so menacing look? It made me miss Kingpin a lot more than I should’ve. It still isn’t clear to me what Alexandra (played by Sigourney) does for a living or how is she so resourceful in the first place. She is extremely rich and listens to live music and always has a handful of servants and bodyguards at her disposal. The individual scene for each defender in the making is characterized by their respective coloured background. Like for example, Matthews scenes are given a reddish touch, Jessica’s blue, Luke’s yellow..welp, you get the gist.


Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra. Credits: Netflix


Moving on, I hated how they used Madam Gao in the show. So wise, cunning and shrewd, she was once one of my favourite characters until Iron Fist happened. While that show ensured her doom and reduced her to some kind of fortune teller, this one makes her a mere secretary of Alexandra. Sure she can summon her own chi now, but where’s the wit? The intelligence? The manipulation?

Madame Gao Credits: Netflix




So, the story goes this way, once upon a time, centuries ago, there were five disciples in the mystical place, K’un-Lun who were cast out by the elder monks for being over ambitious, as they wanted to win over death. These five ‘fingers’, Gao, Alexandra, Bakuto, Sowande and Murakami are the founders of The Hand. Now with the help of the Iron Fist, they plan their return to K’un-Lun. Stick and his army, The Chaste have been trying to stop them but all of them are now dead except our old man.

For me, Daredevil will always be the best in screenplay, action and easter eggs. Speaking of action, here the routines are pretty cool. So much better choreographed than Iron Fist, but less coordinated than Daredevil. Elektra’s action scenes are top notch.

As her comrades start to lose their faith on her, Alexandra finds herself gradually losing grip over her leadership. She is unable to manage the human weapon, The Black Sky.

Much of the main plot revolves around the Iron Fist, but Finn Jones just doesn’t vibe. I feel bad, because he tries so hard but lacks the charm to convince us just enough. The banter between our defenders serve as the much needed comic relief. When their paths finally cross, and they bond over dinner, I couldn’t be more thrilled of what was coming next. Gotta hand it to the director for not making it feel way too crowded..but the story’s way too simple and predictable and lacks the severity.

At one point, Murakami tells Alexandra that her weakness is that she never is willing to get her hands dirty. I share the same complaint, for I’d love to see Sigourney in some good old action packed scenes. How she became the leader of the pact, is beyond my understanding. She’s the least influential ‘Finger’ amongst the group or maybe it’s just my bad habit of over expecting again. Stick’s the same old, charming, necessary evil he has always been and gets a well deserved ending. It is unbelievable how a small, frail woman like Elektra is able to take over the Hand who are supposedly operating for ages. After episode 5, things seem to be a little dragged because of a baseless excuse of a story. Clair Temple is unbearable as always and Colleen is just as wasted inspite of having so much of potential. In the last episode, our beloved New York is on the edge of destruction (yes, once again!) and the defenders/heroes/martyrs make a last ditch to save the city. Finally the show picks up pace and is exhilarating! All I’m saying is, I couldn’t be happier when the defenders teamed up but the whole thing could one or two episodes fewer, and I’d not seriously mind. The last face off between Elektra and the Daredevil was much needed as it provided closure. It makes me empathize with Matt, more than ever and I close to tears when Foggy and Karen await his return..but he doesn’t. Much like in the comics, we see Misty Knight and Colleen Wing bond and hopefully, they make something out of it in the near future. Last but not the least, the chemistry between Jessica and Luke just gets hotter and hotter every second, I love it.



The mystery man Credits: Netflix


Credits: Netflix



One thing still remains unclear to me as who was the mystery man Stick had once visited in the first season of Daredevil, consulting about The War. Who is Maggie? Is she Matthew’s mother?


Credits: Netflix

In the end, it isn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but it doesn’t suck either. The next time, Marvel and Netflix rush to unite the Defenders, I’d advice them to have a good screenplay and a better director.



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Rick and Morty : Best-written comedy on television

Wabba Lubba Dub Dub


An alcoholic, misanthropic scientific genius often goes on intergalactic and interdimensional endeavours with his 14 year old big-hearted, dim-witted, chronically nervous grandson– this is one crazy premise. The show is Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, an animated sci-fi sitcom that’s very loosely based on Back to the Future and just may be the best-written comedy on television. The show, whose third season is a month away from airing on Adult Swim, certainly stands out among the network’s other brilliantly made content and other cartoons such as Adventure time and Gravity Falls.

The show made by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, is unapologetic about the theme and subjects portrayed. The animation is hyper violent and dark, and we see various subjects being explored which usually isn’t the case for a cartoon.

Initially pitched as a parody, this show goes unusually deep into dark humour. The concept of alternate timelines and dimension is a common theme in the show and reminds us of our trivial existence. The narrative is well worked out and the voice actors are brilliant in their job.

“Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die,” 14-year-old Morty tells his sister, Summer.

Rick and Morty’s lives are pointless, and they know it. The show drives the ideas of nihilism and existentialism. In the crazy world of Rick and Morty, there is nothing to do but embrace nihilism: to realize that the point of existence is to stop searching for a point, and accept the chaos of the moment. Rick has a very pessimistic worldview, informing Morty that love is ‘just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed’, advising him not to continue the cycle of love, marriage and heartbreak that he had to go through and that his parents would likely go through, encouraging him to direct his energy towards science.

The show resonated with me because of this nature of poking fun at itself and also be serious when it needs to be. Also the tension in Rick’s parents’ marriage and his relationship with his grandfather makes it an interesting watch. When we have to accept the chaos, Rick and Morty speaks to its viewers by making this acceptance easier.

Rick And Morty Credit: Adult Swim

Rick and Morty Season 3 comes out on July 30th on Adult Swim. This one is a must watch and should be on the top of your list if you haven’t already.

Watch the Season 3 trailer:


Below, I have listed 5 of the Best Rick and Morty moments from the past 2 seasons according to me. Since, I will go into details, this will be SPOILER territory. Please refrain from reading and watch the show asap if you haven’t.

  • I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me! (S01E05)

Existence is a pain when your only objective is to fulfil other’s wishes. This is a spin on the classic tale of Aladdin’s Genie, who is always seen as a happy and lovable character.

Jerry Smith surrounded by Mr. Meeseeks. Credits: Adult Swim

Mr. Meeseeks’ optimistic approach in the beginning slowly fades away into uncontrolled rage as Jerry Smith is unable to take two strokes off his golf game. The episode is hilarious and also makes us think about our focussed approach to any task and the length to which we should go to achieve it. It also throws in the idea of existentialism



  • Raising Gazorpazorp (S01E07)
The teenage Gazorpian boy with Morty Smith. Credits: Adult Swim


This episode handled the sensitive subject to underage parenting, explores gender roles and the question of Nature vs. Nurture.

Without making it into a clichéd commentary on women mind-set, the episode showed us how the two sexes respond to various situations. Also, thrown in the impending doom of violence by the Gazorpian baby, Morty is challenged to nurture a seemingly disturbed child. 


  • Pass the Butter (S01E09)

    Rick watching over the Butter Robot. Credits: Adult Swim

Butter Robot: What is my purpose?

Rick: You pass the butter.

Butter Robot: (sadly) Oh my God!

Rick: Yeah. Welcome to the club, pal!



This small dialogue in the show emphasises the concept of nihilism that is prevalent throughout the show. We feel for the robot and his mundane life.


  • Time Paradox (S02E01)

Rick, Morty and Summer unfreezes time from the Season one finale’s crazy party and create multiple time paradoxes which are simultaneously present on the screen. This episode also shows that Rick can sometimes lose control of the situation and that’s when his grandparents come in.

Rick, Morty and Summer exist in multiple time paradoxes. Credits: Adult Swim

Rick, Morty and Summer unfreezes time from the Season one finale’s crazy party and create multiple time paradoxes which are simultaneously present on the screen. This episode also shows that Rick can sometimes lose control of the situation and that’s when his grandparents come in.

We also get to see Rick’s double standard in his religious view, when he prays to God and immediately curses Him.


  • Rick’s surrender (S02E10)
Rick imprisoned. Credit: Adult Swim


When Rick and the Smiths attend the ill-fated wedding of Birdperson and Tammy, the Galactic Federation attacks them and they leave for an intergalactic hunt.

In the end, Rick surrenders to the Federation when he realises the threat he poses to his family and it makes an emotional scene.

Rick is booked and incarcerated in a maximum-security Federation prison, seemingly without bail or parole. A fellow prisoner asks him what he did. “Everything,” Rick glumly replies. Johnny Cash’s Hurt plays in the background.





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Marvel’s Daredevil: A Fangirl’s Tale


What is it to be a hero? Look in the mirror, and you’ll know.


Daredevil, the TV series means something much more to me other than a show for easy entertainment. It’s a sentiment, a journey. It makes me feel good when I’m miserable. Lifts my hopes up when I’m depressed. Each time when that background title/music plays, I get goose bumps and positive vibes are guaranteed in the darkest of days. It’s always nice to relate to someone or something. Now, you dear readers may think I’m exaggerating for sure. Well, give me a chance to explain myself and as a bonus point for bearing with me, I’ll mention a few of my theories I have had while I binge watched the episodes again for the umpteenth time.

Coming to the first season, they take the first few episodes to make us relate and get acquainted with Matt Murdock. There’s something very compelling about the character that makes me love it with a deep and sincere passion. I relate to the struggles, the vulnerability and the love for his city. Hell’s kitchen is where he grew up, it’s his backyard, his guardian that took care of him, after his father passed. Matthew is our super orthodox catholic boy who lives next door, going through a rough patch. Much like him, I was an introvert kid growing up. Reality has always been tough for me, full of hurdles and challenges. Naturally, comic books and superheroes tended to be a comfort, an escape from the cruel, bullying world. This series is the perfect mix of what we could be and what we are in real life. After all, we all want to believe that we need a savior, right? Somebody who’ll rescue us from this wretched life, someone who’ll change things for good? I remember being a teen, all I wanted to do was to save this world, make it a better place to live in so that no one experiences the things I’ve. I wanted to be the selfless, noble one before reality and puberty kicked in and burst the bubble. But hey, Matt could do it! And that’s why I admire him, that’s why he’s my role model. What I couldn’t do, he does it.

Successfully, night after night. Of course, he doesn’t get away with it, without a scratch on his body but he manages to save the day. His senses were heightened when he lost his sight as a kid while saving an old man on the street. He has a day job where he fights for justice as a lawyer and masquerades as a vigilante at night. Matt does not believe in killing men, not even the bad ones. His faith on the law is ultimate and he doesn’t hesitate fighting for the good and innocent (even if he doesn’t get paid enough for it!). His long time friend and law partner Foggy is fiercely loyal and caring. I know he’s meant to be just a sidekick but he proves himself to be so much more. He’s a witty lawyer and a good human being but seriously under-rated. The first season concludes with the reign of the overlord of criminal world, Wilson Fisk coming to a temporary end.

Speaking of Mr. Fisk, this interpretation is poles apart from the live action character we got from the Daredevil movie back in 2003. No doubt Michael Duncan did a phenomenal job (I watched the director’s cut) but Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal feels more authentic. His vulnerability, scares and dark past make him a real man with different traits and many aspects. Similarly, I believe in real life, a person cannot be either all black or white. There are just various shades of grey. Remember the scene where he mourns his secretary and best friend James Wesley’s death? This is where I think, the director of this show triumphs. This is much more than a superhero show. It’s a reflection of our reality, our ever deteriorating society. This is where it sets itself apart from everything else out there and becomes unique. Another character I highly appreciate and look up to is Karen Page. She is a charming, gorgeous woman with a mysterious past who is highly drawn to danger and enjoys it to some extent. She is one hell of a hardworking and stubborn woman who won’t rest until she finds out the truth and fear certainly never stops her.

There are a few interesting easter eggs I found about Karen.
She has a very questionable past as discovered by Ben Urich , the reporter. There are at least two mentions of it during the first season (if we follow the comic books, she might be a porn star, who knows!).

Then another mystery still left to be undone is what happened to Matt’s mother? Before Jack( Matt’s father) stepped in to his last match he calls a woman whom he requests to take care of Matt if something were to happen to him. Even Stick mentions the woman but we don’t get to hear anything more. Why, do you wonder? Season 3 better have our answers!

Speaking of which, season 2 becomes darker and twisting with more violent content introducing Frank Castle’s journey as The Punisher. We learn about Karen’s younger brother’s odd death and how Fisk engages in the long game of becoming the one and only Kingpin. This origin story was refreshing and stirring at the same time. There’s this one scene where Mathew visits Fisk in prison and while trying to extract information from him, ends up blackmailing the guy about his fiancée, Vanessa instead. Fisk is furious and all hell breaks loose as he assaults Matt in front of the prison guards. The helplessness that I witnessed on our attorney’s face is beyond words and his expression was stupefying. Undoubtedly, one of the best scenes ever, in history, hands down.

Elektra is introduced as Matt’s love interest (their chemistry is electrifying, see what I did there? ) who is somehow intriguing, attractive and repulsive at the same time. She knows she is the Black Sky but withholds it from Matt.

Elektra’s naivety is the perfect yin to Matt’s yang, his restrictions. And about Stick, he might not be Matthew’s father, but boy, he’s definitely his daddy!
Anyhoo, the live action hero has come a long way from the poorly presented VFX scenes and the cartoonish Bullseye to what it is now. The well thought out action scenes are definitely one of the strong points of the show. Hopefully, Charlie Cox and team keep us at the edge of our seats for much longer. Can’t wait for The Defenders!

All image credits – Marvel/Netflix

Let us know what do you think. Do you have any theories/observations to share? Comment below! 


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13 Reasons Why – A personal take

Are you suicidal? No? Or putting it lightly, do you feel like pulling off the plug of your life-support system? Not quite? Well, you should still read this article and I’ll tell you why.

Katherine Langford’s Hannah Baker in the series is a mess of a woman who can’t cope up with her surroundings and finally decides to take the decisive step of committing suicide. Well, it isn’t as simple as that. There’s a twist. Baker leaves behind thirteen tapes, with each being dedicated to one of her friends, colleagues or professors, and explains to the listeners what made her do this.

This is what I was told before me binge-watched this Netflix series and boy! I have never been so wrong. 13 Reasons Why is an utterly complex sequence of tapes which takes you through a delusional ride consisting of vicious graphical depiction of rape, assault and suicide. When the entire ordeal ended, I was forced to think about my loved ones and what I can do so that this never happens in real life.

This show talks about friendship and the deep roots such relationships run. We find this closeness reflected in Baker and her friends Jessica Davis (played by Alisha Boe) and Alex Standall (played by Miles Heizer) in the initial days of her school which was very heart-warming. The story continues to show how Baker lost her support from her friends, with rumours taking a bad shape and people accusing her of a lot many things.

By the time, you reach this far, it has already woven into an intricate and heartrending story of confusion and desperation with Hannah dangling by a thread and we see Ross Butler’s Zach Dempsey shaking this thread to the snapping point.

I remember a dialogue thrown by Langford to Dylan Minette’s Clay Jensen. This scene is actually happening inside Jensen’s mind, where he says to Baker, “I love you, Hannah. And I would never do anything to hurt you.” And his conscience, as Baker replies, “Why didn’t you tell me this when I was alive?” This dialogue is one of the best from the series and is really moving.

We have Christian Navarro’s Tony Padilla who oversees that the tapes are listened to by everybody named on them. One can say that Tony acts as the Guardian Angel for Hannah. The irony here is that this concern for Baker was not reflected by Padilla when she was alive.

Sometimes, all we have is a straw and we try to stay alive with that, hoping that our saviour would arrive and swoosh us from the difficulties. What happens when that saviour doesn’t bother enough to understand that you’re floating with just a straw? This is what percolated here when Derek Luke’s Kevin Porter who was the assigned counsellor for Hannah in her school doesn’t understand that Hannah came to him just before pulling off the plug.

If my memory serves me right, one of my friends commented on the visual portrayal of Baker’s suicide as radically horrific and this comes from a person who sees post-mortem videos for fun.  This been said, it is very much clear that 13 Reasons Why isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Although, the show has been in the news for all the wrong reasons with people accusing the producers of promoting suicide, I feel that we can all learn a lesson from it. Baker shows us an entirely different approach to our day-to-day lives. A random act of kindness, an outward thank you or an occasional politeness is often not there in our schedule. Maybe it is high time to make changes to it.

Image Credits – Netflix

What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments!

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Riverdale – A smart take on Archie Comics

Saturated colors and a somewhat uneasy setting is the concurrent theme of Riverdale – CW’s adaptation of the popular Archie Comics. This theme could have gone awfully wrong but it actually turns out to be beautifully crafted with right dose of teen drama and mystery.

From the three episodes released till now, we see plenty of drama between the lead characters – a delightful take on the character dynamics from the source material. The show also takes major liberties with the 75-year-old popular characters, which has resulted in constant grumbles from purists online.

Riverdale promo poster. Credits: CW

Riverdale is a smart and sexy take on a potential heavy drama, with much going on underneath than you initially realize. It is a fresh act, blending teen soap, biting humour, murder mystery with a beloved franchise. The show impresses with its take on these characters with relatively unknown faces in the lead cast, but with a lot of potential.

Credits: Archie Comics


KJ Apa has been cast as Archie Andrews, a conflicted and boyish sophomore, who is the protagonist of the show. Archie is working on his football while also honing his singing skills.

KJ Apa as Archie Andrews. Credits: CW

Camilla Mendes as the intelligent and confident Veronica Lodge, a silver-tongued high school sophomore who returns to Riverdale from New York, eager to reinvent herself, does justice to her role. Lili Reinhart portrays the perfect and sweet girl – Betty Cooper, who completes the trio of the Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle, much like the comics. Cole Sprouse is fan favourite Jughead Jones, Archie’s friend and narrator of the story. Madeline Petsch has been cast as the bimbette Cheryl Blossom.

Camilla Mendes as Veronica. Credits: CW
Lili Reinhart as Betty. Credits: CW

Below this point, there will be mild spoiler for the plot. So SPOILER ALERT!

Much like the comics and the cartoon, the series deals with a mystery in the small town of Riverdale. Jason Blossom is missing and later his body is found in the river, which brings to the fore – a case of homicide. Archie Andrews, who is having an affair with his music teacher, happens to find himself pretty close to the scene of the crime and is torn apart from this fact.

Meanwhile, Betty has a crush on longtime friend and neighbor Archie but her plans go awry when Veronica Lodge, a sharp-tongued girl comes between this equation.

Betty and Veronica have a complex relationship – archrivals or BFF, but one is common between them-  they are fed up with Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl remains a manipulative and cold person even when she has lost her twin brother. Add to that the case of Betty’s institutionalized sister – Polly and you get a perfect plot for a mystery.

Riverdale hails from Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios.

Episode 4 releases on February 16th, 2017. Watch the promo for the 4th episode here:


Are you watching Riverdale? Who do you think killed Jason?

Tell us in the comments below.

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Top 6 questions regarding Black Flash

In S02E10 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, we finally get to see Black Flash – the one entity we were waiting for, since so long. We, here at The Noob Knows, try to answer some of your pertinent questions regarding Black Flash.

1. Who is Black Flash? Was he present in the comics?

The Black Flash fulfills the role of Death for those who possess super-speed, returning them to the source of their powers: the Speed Force. It was reportedly seen before the deaths of Barry Allen and Johnny Quick; Max Mercury, having had several near-death experiences, also saw the Black Flash.

Black Flash first appeared in Flash Vol 2 #138 (June, 1998).

2. How is Black Flash related to the Arrowverse?

In the Season 2 finale of CW’s The Flash, the Time Wraiths arrive during the episode’s climactic scene and finally catch up with Zoom, the season’s prime antagonist. As they drag him back through an interdimensional portal, his flesh started getting torn from his face, leaving him with the skeleton-like appearance that Black Flash usually sported in the comics. Here’s the scene to remind you.


3. Why is Black Flash chasing the Reverse Flash?

This episode reminded us that Reverse-Flash ceased to exist after Eddie Thawne took his own life in Season 1 of The Flash. Barry brought him back during his actions that caused the Flashpoint timeline, but that has since been mostly corrected again, and Thawne exists only as a time aberration.

He’s desperate to find the Spear of Destiny on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to rewrite reality so he can stick around. The problem is that he has Black Flash on his tail, possibly because the Speed Force figured it needed something more formidable than the Time Wraiths to catch the rogue speedster.

4. What is a time aberration?

Aberrations, also known as temporal aberrations or historical aberrations, are massive alterations of the existing timeline. They are generally prompted by the efforts of time criminals, disrupting the flow of time with anachronistic weaponry, meta-human abilities and other factors that could change the course of events, which slowly cements and affects a timeline’s future.

5. What can we expect next?

In the promo of the next episode, we see that Thawne is alive and having a chat with Rip Hunter.

Credits – The CW
6. How is Black Flash related to Savitar?

We may not see Black Flash in full capacity for some time. But if we do, Savitar may end up being the first speedster Zoom kills as Black Flash. That’s one way the writers could incorporate Black Flash into Season 3, have Black Flash take down Savitar. If Black Flash’s agenda is the same as the comics, we can’t imagine he’d be cool with Savitar going around killing speedsters. Unless the two are somehow working together? Which is another option, but an unlikely one, considering their agendas are different. Black Flash’s job is to be the personification of death. Savitar doesn’t just want to kill Barry, he wants revenge and claims he has something “far worse than death” planned.


Do you have further questions related to the Black Flash? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Marvel TV Show

LEGION – What we’ve known so far

A still from the trailer. Image Credits: FX


With the latest trailer of Marvel and Fox’s spin on the X-Men character, LEGION, noobs throughout the internet have frequently been asking one question: Who is Legion?

“My name is Legion, for We are Many”

Well, the answer is – Who isn’t Legion?

Legion is an upcoming FX Original television series, created by showrunner Noah Hawley, based on the Marvel Comics X Men Universe character of the same name.

Origin stories in comics can be pretty complicated. Because, well…duh…COMICS!
According to The New Mutants #25 (1985), created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, the character David Haller or Legion was entitled as the Prince of Power in its cover arts, because besides being an omega level mutant, he possessed such an immersive pool of superpowers, that he was debated to be even stronger than the Phoenix Force. David was the son of Professor Charles Xavier and Gabriel Haller. The mother being a victim of mental illness, was rescued by Professor X from being catatonic, after which they fell in love and gave birth to the strongest mutant that ever existed. David was adopted right after birth and his family moved to Paris when he was 10 years old. But tragedy soon struck when David’s godfather was killed by a bunch of terrorists. Such a traumatizing act instigated David to unlock his mutant powers that resulted in melting the terrorists’ brains, at that instant.

The turnover event in David’s Life. Image Credits: Marvel The New Mutants #25


Unfortunately David also absorbed the consciousness of the terrorists, along with their leader, Jemail Kerami, who later goes on controlling David’s telepathic abilities. This event splintered David’s consciousness into various different personalities, created by David himself that tried to coexist altogether inside his mind. Besides Jemail, the prominent amongst all of them were – Jack Wayne – telekinetic, Cyndi – pyrokinetic, Time Sink – can manipulate flow of time, Chain – a self-replicating virus, Susan in Sunshine – manipulate ambient emotion, Hypnobloke – wielded the power of hypnotic suggestion, the Origamist – bend fabric of space, Nazi Doctor – negate mutant powers, Johnny Gomorrah – turn matter into salt, Endgame – an adaptable armour-bot and Stix – a soul devouring demon. While David’s consciousness was bedazzled by an array of non-cohesive personalities, David’s true personality was trapped inside, one that of an emotionally stunted and trapped at ten years of age. It was only Jemail that sought to restore David’s core identity but Wayne, Cyndi and a few others revolted. Soon, a catatonic psychic war broke out inside David’s head.

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Jemail, Wayne, Cydni, Chain, Susan, Hypnobloke, Origamist, Nazi Doctor, Johnny, Endgame and Stix. Image Credits: Marvel Comics


David awoke from his coma years later, being diagnosed with autism, was soon administered under Moira McTaggart’s care. But as a result of David’s ongoing psychic war, his personalities started taking physical manifestations in the reality. The X Men – Charles Xavier along a few New Mutants, were called for help. Professor X after being sucked inside his son’s head, realized the situation and with the others help and after episodes of disagreements and psionic battles, they finally found common ground and restored David’s core personality back to normal. However, Wayne and Cyndi remained prominent on the forefront and often manifested into reality to speak up their minds.

A fantastic hallucinatic set-piece from the trailer as David unveils his powers. Image Credits: FX


Pretty crazy, right? It’ll be even crazier in the TV spinoff.

So far, what we’ve come to know from the showrunner and speculations from the trailers, that the TV adaptation would a follow a similar but slightly different and less complicated origin story. According to the show’s Wikipedia source and other reliable sources, David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) is a schizophrenic patient at a mental institution, who has been questioning his reality since childhood, spending time at several psychiatric hospitals. He then meets Syd Barrett (played by Rachel Keller), a fellow mutant and patient in the hospital with mind-swapping abilities, and falls in love with her. Later David comes to know that Syd had been kidnapped by The Division – Government aided radical group aimed to study, control and eliminate mutants if posed as a threat. The mini-series with 8 episodes will be basically focused on David learning about his own abilities and methods to control his pool of numerous personalities and their superpowers, with the help of an unconventional psychiatric therapist – Melanie Bird (played by Jean Smart) and David’s recovering alcoholic and drug addict friend – Lenny Busker (played by Aubrey Plaza), on a quest to rescue his love-interest.
Unravel the story of David Haller as we go through a trippy, insane and reality-questioning journey with big budget action set-pieces and identity defying questions that shuffles through a “Legion” of different mutants in this live action TV series, releasing on February 8th, 2017 on FX (USA) and on Fox (International).

A still from the trailer. Image Credits: FX


Can Marvel and Fox really pull off such a delicate, complicated character? Or will it be just a display of overpowered mutants and unnecessary musical numbers? Or will it be X Men Breaking Bad in the 70s style? Whom can we expect to play the role of Charles Xavier in this mini-series? Tell us in the comments below.