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Jessica Jones (Season 2) Review: The Return of the Damaged Goddess

If you say with great power, comes great responsibility, I swear I will throw up on you. 

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is one of Netflix’s finest shows. After a very intense first season, Netflix returned with the season 2 on this Women’s Day. This Jessica has been reoriented and reinterpreted for the modern times and mainly highlights the problems our society faces today. Jessica Jones is not a typical superhero but she is definitely a new-age feminist. She has her problems and drinks heavily to dumb down her demons. This is where it gets so relatable. No sexist suit, no saving-the-world ideology, it is just Jessica Jones and her haunting past.


After killing off Kilgrave, season two starts off with Malcolm and Jessica facing some competition from a rival P.I. agency. Trish Walker’s obsession with Jessica’s past becomes increasingly dangerous and she goes to unimaginable lengths to get powers of her own. While she really tries to show people that she cares for the world, she really comes off as self-centred and fanatical.

There are a few drawbacks to this season, though. The plot remains exhilarating and unpredictable until episode 8. Marvel uses the back-from-the-dead-family-member formula again, and frankly, it is just worn-out at this point. I do not sympathise with the villain, I cannot understand why the director(s) try so hard to show this person as an unfortunate victim of circumstances. Lack of a proper compelling villain makes the season inferior to its predecessor.

Marvel and Netflix’s last venture was a hit getting rave reviews. The Punisher was brilliant only because his struggle was believable and the villain was menacing enough.


Jessica and Kilgrave

David Tenant does a wonderful, wonderful job with the few scenes he has and the banter between Kilgrave and Jessica Jones is probably my favourite part of this season.

Much like in season 1, Kilgrave tries to trick Jessica into guilt and shame. I think these scenes represent how our world is obsessed with shaming people for no fault of their own, especially women. Women are expected to be docile and if they dare to go their way, they are made to believe that either they are wrong or something is wrong with them. History is proof of the fact that the world never saw women and power to be an easy combination.

The word ‘power’ holds a very important significance in the Jessica Jones series.

Kilgrave is Purple-Man in the comics. Throughout the first season, Jessica associates Kilgrave with purple. Whenever she thinks of him or Kilgrave himself enters the scene, the colours fade into the shades of the purple. Now, purple is mostly linked with power. In season 1, there is a scene where the manipulative Kilgrave gifts Jessica a purple dress to wear. Instead of obliging, she tears it apart. This scene speaks volumes for me, it symbolises her freedom when she finally breaks off from his authority.




In the second season, however, the colour purple has a broader spectrum of application. It symbolises Jessica’s fears, it symbolises patriarchy and its bounds. 

Another interesting approach to the colour may be linked to how shadowy and controlling Kilgrave could get. Purple is a colour made from the combination of red and blue. While red signifies evil, blue signifies calm. Kilgrave is, therefore, this living personification of calm evil who creeps up on Jones and leaves her in a state of agony.

Kilgrave, Malcolm and Jessica

The character I really loved this season was Malcolm. Much like Jessica, he has taken wrong decisions in his life. At one point, we are made to wonder about Malcolm’s true intentions. He still questions and blames himself for spying on Jessica and puts up with her temper, repenting for his deeds. However, at the end of the show, Malcolm has had enough of people taking advantage of him and he moves on. I like where his story is headed and definitely would like to see more of his complex life in the third season.
Jeri Hogarth’s barbarous attitude is something that made this season so much better for me. She is unapologetically herself and I absolutely loved Carrie-Anne Moss’ portrayal. The season would be dull without her and Krysten Ritter’s refined acting.


Jeri Hogarth With Trish Walker

The season finale heavily disappoints sans a thrilling climax and I really wanted more after having finished the binge-watching.

In conclusion, I would not say the second season was as brilliant as the first one but it still manages to involve you. I hope Jessica’s past stops haunting her and her story moves forward, preferably dealing with the aftermath of Infinity War. It does require a little bit of persistence to watch the new season, but I would strongly recommend it just so you can witness how far Marvel has moved away from its trail of highly objectified superheroines with weak story arcs.

Image Courtesy: Netflix

Are you done with your binge-watching? How did you feel about this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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Infinity War: A Marvel of a movie to come

“The entire time I knew him, he only had one goal – to wipe out half of the universe and if he gets all the infinity stones, he can do it with a snap of its fingers, Snapp”


According to the Infinity Gauntlet issue #1, Mistress of Death raised Thanos from the dead to wipe out half the population. Although in the movies there is no such reference, Gamora in the new trailer gives us the very basis of Thanos collecting the Infinity Stones.

The Snap reference is actually from the Gauntlet issue where Thanos actually did a snap and half of the universe goes missing. However, later on Nebula restores it by taking the Gauntlet from Thanos.

The Black order appeared first in the New Avengers when Thanos with Black order invaded earth in search of his Inhuman son – Thane. The creators of the movie have seemingly merged the two plots and we have Thanos collecting the stones in order to wipe out half of the universe. His motivation for doing so here in still unknown. Let us hope that the Mistress of Death will get her reference here.

“Half of humanity will still exist”

~ Thanos

In the new trailer, we also see Ebony hushing Dr Stephen Strange while he messes with his mind. In the New Avengers issue, Ebony manipulated Doctor to find Thane but in the movie, there is no mention of Thane. As far as the eye of Agamotto a.k.a Time stone is concerned we see that in the trailer. Strange is still wearing it so it can be snatched physically but messing with the Sorcerer Supreme’s mind, well that’s a whole other thing. It might also so happen that Ebony tries to use Strange to find the Soul stone. In the Infinity Gauntlet issue, it was seen that Adam Warlock did have a connection with Dr Strange (when he was trapped inside the soul stone). So maybe, to get hold of Soul stone or Adam warlock (more or less the same thing), Ebony is seen to mess with Dr strange.

There is a strong possibility that Adam makes a cameo as without Adam, Infinity war doesn’t feel good. Also, I am eager to see the attack on Wakanda as Proxima and Black dwarf attack to get the Mind stone as we see Vision being transported to Wakanda. As in the comics, Shuri becomes the queen and wears some badass suit and has a faceoff with Proxima. Let us hope that it happens.


But I have some complains as to why Supergiant is missing from the Black order because with her missing, the entire plot of X-Men goes out. We see that Supergiant was sent as undercover to Jean Grey school of Mutants where she controls Bobby(Iceman) and creates havoc. So with her missing, it’s sure that X-Men are nowhere to be seen in this movie.

As to know who doesn’t make it out to the end of Infinity War, I’d put my money on Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. In the trailer, Tony was in a pretty bad shape with his armour broken and looking all helpless. On the other hand, Steve gets into an intense brawl with Thanos and as we see one of his shield goes missing (the new shield). In the comics, Thanos crushes Captain’s shield and kills him.

The trailer was exciting and I feel that we’ll get the Avengers: Infinity War we deserve!

Image Credits: Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios