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Infinity War: What is there in stock for us in the next movie. [Spoiler alert]

After watching Avengers: Infinity War, I was left in tears; especially after the death of our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. I still can’t get over that. As these are the Avengers and thus we can’t let them die even in our wildest dreams, and here I am with all the plausible theories circling around my head for the next movie.

1. Introduction of Vormir

Vormir was the place where Thanos found the soul stone in the MCU. Basically, Vormir is the planet in the Kree Solar system and maybe this is just the introduction of Kree into the Cinematic Universe. Although, Kree’s are already introduced in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but there is a good possibility that the next villain will be Kree.

2. Soul Stone

Just after snapping, we see Thanos entering a orange coloured place where he met Gamora and had a quick conversation with her. According to me, that was inside Soul Stone. In comics, it was repeatedly shown that Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer get trapped inside. Maybe during this snap, Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer get trapped and then in the next movie, we see them coming out and taking the fight to Thanos in order to prove to him that he isn’t a GOD.

3. Doctor Strange’s 14 million possibilities

As we see that Peter Quill a.k.a the Star Lord blows up the entire plan in retrieving the Gauntlet, but maybe just maybe it was all the part of a plan that Strange predicted. He gave up the Time Stone in order to protect the Tony Stark. If one might remember as he said he’d prefer the stone above Tony or Peter Parker. Maybe Strange saw that Tony is the key to everything as in the animated version Tony created a machine a.k.a The Arsenal which his father Howard Stark started building to absorb all the powers of infinity stones (Howard and Tony both were futurists). However later ,that Machine became Ultron which is a possibility that he maybe returning as well. Maybe Stephen saw all this and decided to act on it.

The possibility of Ultron reviving is there. We see Banner saying that Vision’s mind is a combination of Jarvis, Stark, Ultron and the Mind stone. Maybe when Shuri started to remove the mind stone, Ultron got revived but for now he is hiding within the internet and is waiting for the perfect opportunity.


4. Nebula still lives

In the Infinity Gauntlet issue, we see that when Thanos gave up his body after fighting with the cosmics, eternals; Nebula quickly grabs the gauntlet from Thanos’s dead body and restores the universe back to where it initially was. Maybe just for the same reason they thought to keep Nebula alive and hence bringing neighborhood Spidey and others back to us.


5. Red Skull as the Guardian

When Thanos and Gamora got into Vormir they were inaugurated by an entity which had a hood and was dark which I thought initially resembled Witches of Infinity or The Coven Sisters who are the oldest of all Gods. But however later on it was shown that it was red skull. Also the place where Red skull says, “A soul for a Soul” and shows him the valley it was similar to when Thanos went to the Coven sisters in order to gain his powers back to fight Thane( with Phoenix force) who was in quest to rule universe with Death. The valley was similar and as Marvel confirmed that “Eternals” is already into production. The scene pretty much sets the tone.


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