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Infinity War: A Cinematic Marvel

“Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives.”

When the booking for Avengers: Infinity War opened a week back, I couldn’t control my excitement and bothered everyone around to accompany me to the theatres. And the wait was well deserved. With fantastic cinematography and excellent directing, this movie stands as the best MCU movie till date and one of the best movies of all time.

It will not be exaggeration to say that Marvel is creating a cinematic wonder. I really liked how they setup these 10 long years for this movie. And this movie was also just a piece in the puzzle and not the puzzle itself. The guys at the Marvel studios are really something extraordinary.

“Marvel Cinematic Universe is now 10 years old and 18 movies long.”

Spoiler Alert: Please read at your own risk.

The movie begins with the attack of Thanos on the Asgardian refugee ship Statesman, exactly where Thor: Ragnarok had ended. We see that he has decimated everything and even manages to defeat Hulk very easily. And that is when, MCU begins their Game of Thrones stint of killing all the characters the fans love and enjoy watching on the silver screen. With the death of Heimdall and Loki, Thanos establishes his supremacy and leaves Thor to die.

Thanos sends out his Black Order to retrieve the other Infinity Stones and the movie follows their adventures. While they almost succeed with the Time Stone, they have a very bad luck with the Mind Stone. On the other hand, Thanos goes to Collector and gets the Reality Stone. Then, he uses it to alter the reality to trick Gamora into coming with him. We get to know here that Gamora knew the location of the Soul Stone but hid it from Thanos.

Thanos gets the information out of her by torturing Nebula and it is revealed that the ever evading Soul Stone is in a place called Vormir. The biggest surprise was the presence of Red Skull in there, who acted as the guide to the stone. Red Skull, as one might remember was last seen in the movie Captain America: First Avenger. Red Skull tells that the Soul Stone requires a sacrifice.

“A Soul for a Soul.”

It is here that Thanos sacrifices Gamora and manages to get the Stone he came looking for.

We all knew Peter Dinklage had been cast in the movie but didn’t know what role was he in. Dinklage plays Eitri, king of the Dwarves of Nidavellir and a master weaponsmith. It is he who had cast Mjolnir before and casts Stormbreaker for Thor in the movie.

This movie being from Thanos’ perspective, hits the bullseye with the fans. The flashback which shows Thanos adopting Gamora as a child really talks about how ruthless he actually is.

“He can destroy half of the Universe with a snap of his finger.”

Indeed! Thanos did destroy half of humanity. With so many superheroes dying, fans in the theatres were left in tears. The death of Peter Parker was indeed quite emotional. The way he said, “I don’t wanna die, Mr. Stark.” riled up a lot of sobs. Furthermore, Rhodey searching for Falcon when he has already disintegrated and T’Challa trying to lend a hand to Okoye and disintegrating were equally painful to watch.

With everyone expecting a tad bit of happiness in the post-credit scene got even more shocks with the disintegration of Maria Hill. Even Nick Fury dies, but not before he sends a distress signal. The symbol looks like that of Captain Marvel.


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