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Infinity War: What held it back-Discussing the cons of the movie

Although Infinity War was by far the best MCU movie and not just MCU, but it also is the best movie in its genre. Every moment of the movie kept us on the edge of our seat and we prayed, like literally that our favorites don’t die. However my favorites died, both of them- Dr Strange and our very own neighborhood spidey. Though this film did include all the elements that are required in any movie, whether its action or adventure or horror or Relationship but it did lack (compared to the comics) very few things which i did expect but wasn’t there.

Spoiler Alert: Read at your own discretion.

1.Thanos’s motivation to wipe out half of the life

In the comics, mistress of death raises Thanos from the death and asks him to do the work and Thanos falling in love with her began his quest to wipe out half the life across the uni/multiverse. In the movie, there was no mention of such entity and the only motivation we could find was that he(Thanos) was a futurist like Tony Stark. As he saw his own planet Titan getting destroyed due to overpopulation he sought to wipe out half the population. And by collecting infinity stones, he could just snap and half the life force would cease to exist which according to him was mercy. Although some could find this intresting but particularly i am not pleased. They literally made him a anti-hero which he clearly isn’t (in comics).

2.Depiction of the Outriders

The Battle of Wakanda was really good but as Proxima raised her spear and unleashed the outriders on Wakanda, where they were portrayed as savages who would do anything, as evident where they sacrifice themselves as they are not able to enter the premises. In the comics however, Outriders are a genetically engineered parasite-assassin solely devoted to the whims of its maker. These creatures have no names, just a binary existence defined by whether they complete the task given to them, or whether they fail. They have powers like Telepathy, Controlling their body density, Invisibility. In the comics, Corvus sends an Outrider to collect information about the Illuminati, and the outrider easily passed the security system of Attilan- The Inhuman City, one of the toughest security and did get the what he was looking for from BlackBolt(Strongest Inhuman) using its Telepathy. In the movie however they were just depicted as savages just like the Chitauri kin the first Avengers.

3.Portrayal of Black Order

Black order in the MCU was really weak as compared to the ones in comics. For instance, Proxima’s Spear, the spear’s capable of drastic harm based on how it is thrown and who it is used against, becoming a multi-pronged lance of poisonous energy that follows their target, never missing. Said force was fatal to whomever it pierced, killing the victim in minutes. It could revert to star form, gaining infinite mass which weighed down prey in an energy entanglement. This effect could even bind and revert an enraged Hulk back to Bruce Banner upon removal. None of which was shown. In the comics Ebony was able to use his telepathic powers to get Dr Strange do his work, while in the film as we see only Telekinesis as one of his power and not Telepathy. About Corvus Glaive, In comics Corvus possessed the typical attributes of a super powered individual including super strength, super speed, super endurance and some invulnerability. Corvus’ immortality stems from his weapon, a glaive that when remaining in one piece allows him to survive anything, including being obliterated. The glaive itself can slice through any known thing and person in the universe yet it couldn’t slice up Vibranium (Cap’s shield) during his face off with Captain, Romanoff and Falcon.

These are some which I felt, they should have been incorporated, as adding these would have made the movie just perfect. Although the movie is at its best but since we are human beings and we always demand more.

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