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The Flash promo 3×10

CW is back with the promo of the much-awaited episode 10 of The Flash. It’s titled ‘Borrowing problems from the future.’ Yes, you guessed it right. It indeed deals with the problem of Savitar killing Iris West in the future.

In the promo, we see Barry confess to Iris that in the future she’s going to die in the hands of Savitar. And then he plans to figure out everything that happens leading up to Iris’s death, so that Barry can change ’em all. Also, Barry thinks of employing Wally’s help in this mission of his.

Barry asks Wally to be ‘the hero Iris needs.’          Image Credits – CW

We also see glimpse of Jared Morillo, AKA “Plunder”. Now, one might remember that Jared Morillo first appeared in Flash comics Vol 2 #171 who was a skilled Detective and worked at the Los Angeles Police Department.  Plunder was his evil counterpart from a mirror universe. Let us see what the directors have in mind for us.

Into the future, the highly publicised trial of Plunder.                          Image Credits – CW

Tell us in the forums how do you think Barry is going to change the future?